Well Educated Fool

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The first thing I said when I saw the below video was "I'm so glad she's not black". We dont need ANY more of "our" people setting us back hundreds more years. Im sure many of you have seen the video of the self proclaimed "well educated" woman getting thrown off an Amtrak train for talking loud and dropping the F-Bomb. When you saw the headline "loud azz b*tch yappin her trap rudely on the train" (or something to that effect) I bet you immediately assumed it would be a black woman. Well HA! Jokes on you sucka! Im so glad this happened so people can realize that NAACP (Niggaz Aint All Colored People). Thats the age old assumption...that a "nigga" is a black person. Nigga is a behavior...and a mentality. NOT a shade of skin! Case in point THIS VIDEO!

I love the fact that she thinks being "well educated" cancels out the fact that she's ghetto and crazy! WRONG! I dont care how proper your English is or where you're from! If you behave like a hoodrat, then thats exactly what you are. Talking loud on the phone, disturbing other people is rude and inconsiderate, and getting mad when someone asks you to be quiet is just ignorant!
I know that sometimes you're in the heat of the moment on your intense phone call (aka talking about a bunch of unimportant BS), and you might not realize that you're loud and disturbing people. But when someone alerts you to the fact that you're loud and you need to be quiet, thats YOUR cue to say "oops i'm sorry...hey phone friend, i will call you back later" or get up and go somewhere that people can't hear you. Nobody wants to hear your "private" conversation (unless its juicy..and then, we only want to hear it if you dont WANT us to hear it)! Obviously all of her years at her fancy schools didnt teach her the definition of PRIVATE! its not PRIVATE if its in PUBLIC dumbass!
I love how the black girl keeps her cool! Its often expected of black women to be angry, loud, ghetto and be quick to want to fight! Im glad she didnt live up to the stereotype! THANK YOU BLACK LADY!
And now....Classic lines from the loud crazy b*tch:
"Do you know what schools I've been to? How well-educated I am?"
NEWSFLASH lady, REAL smart people don't have to TELL people that they're "well educated".
"I was having a private conversation with MYYYYY friend"
Stop LYIN you aint got no friends! (Im speaking ebonics...but she's well educated so she should understand more than one language)
"I'm sorry do you think I'm a little hoodlum?"
Why yes....yes I do. Being loud and ghetto on the train classifies you as a hoodlum, a hoodrat and a dumbass!
"I'm not a crazy person, I'm a very well educated person"
MOST crazy people are well educated, or really smart. That's how they get away with their psycho crimes for so long. So whats your point? That just proves that you're nuts!
"I would like my money back for riding this trip to wherever the next trip is"
Wait...what? Well at least she knows she's TRIPPIN!
In the moment, she was very proud of herself! You can tell by her tone of voice and by the expression on her face. Hmmmm I wonder how stupid she feels right now! Her face is all over Yahoo, all over YouTube and allllll over the internet and she's famous for being an azzhole! She probably wont NEED Amtrak to get back and forth to her job for much longer because I have a feeling her job frowns upon this sort of behavior. I wonder if she's gonna yell at the HR person about how well educated she is, while she's getting fired!
Shout out to the conductor for going on the loud speaker and saying the following "[please remember to keep your phone conversations quiet] especially those people who went to Harvard or Yale or are from Westport." hahahahahahahaahhaha! #WIN

Kudos to the person who took this video! Don't you just love camera phones?!!

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