What’s A Black Man With A PhD?

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(Maddox says, hold your nose, and support Rev. Butts).


Rev. Calvin Butts will appear on WABC-TV's Like It Is on Sunday, November 5 at 12:00 p.m. to recount his recent confrontation with the NYPD. Butts never believed that it could happen to him personally. 

He knew that it was happening to others. His time was spent dialing for dollars while the neighborhood was being handed over to economic predators.           

Now, he is ticked off because he was being treated like the Central Park jogger defendants, Darryl Littlejohn, Alan Newton etc. His limited access to the state's pork barrel as well as the city has put all of us at risk. Butts and Cong. Charles Rangel have gotten fat economically at our expense. 

The Black masses are suffering. 
Butts has been the white cop's best friend. According to a law enforcement source, the NYPD knows all of the HNICs. Butts wants the city to explain to him why the system failure to recognize him as an HNIC led to the police confrontation. For him, it is personal.       

Between his vehicle bells and whistles and a cop's computerized vehicle and his or her personal tools, Butts was known to his assailants. This incident would have never happened in Boro Park. If it had, Mayor Michael Bloomberg would still be on his knees. White elected officials only respond to collective power. Black people are unable to exercise power when its HNICs are bent on impoverishing them.

Some people will conclude from the cops conduct that Butts received his just desserts. These persons will applaud the police. I dissent. A white cop who is capable of disrespecting an HNIC will disrespect any person of African ancestry. Blacks must simply hold their noses while demanding justice for Butts.           

Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. said: A threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. I have spent my life embracing this concept while whites attacked me and Blacks stood on the sidelines. Very few Blacks in New York embrace it. If a fifteen year-old Black girl is raped by six law enforcement agents, Blacks will stand on the sidelines with Butts and attack her supporters. 

Butts has never spoken out against Tawana's trials and tribulations. Unless he is deaf, dumb and blind, it should be clear that Tawana was raped by not only white cops but also by federal, state and local governments. This is also a cover-up of a murder. Tawana's reputation has been sided because of a fifth column in the Black community.

Recently, a Black cop was pelted with eggs while performing his duties in Broad Channel. It was reported that a white suspect rode the cop's back like a rodeo was in progress. The NYPD is investigating this incident to see if there was any transgression of police rules. 

If the same scenario was in play but the cop was white and the suspect was Black, the Black suspect would have died on the spot without any questions asked. Neither the life of a Black cop nor a Black suspect has any constitutional or economic value.

It took approximately sixty-six years after the establishment of the NYPD for it to hire a Black cop. It took another fifty-three years before the NYPD would hire a Black precinct captain. Years later, a Black cop would be given the semblance of the authority to arrest a white person. 

Today, this arresting authority carries with it cautionary instructions.  No Black cop will draw his weapon on a white person unless it is in defense of another white person. Otherwise, a Black cop confronting a white person must follow Dr. King's nonviolent philosophy.

This Black Solidarity Day should have some real meaning. Blacks should approach Election Day with a strategy that prevents us from endorsing our oppression and giving gifts, in the form of votes, to white, political parties and their candidates. 

Second, we must spend our dollars wisely and collectively over the next two months as a start. This means that we must refrain from financing white supremacist institutions. Blacks spend more money in New York City than any other ethnic group while no other group generates more hostility from white cops. Blacks also have fewer businesses.

Stated differently, Santa Claus must be considered a trespasser in the Black community on Christmas Day. An economic boycott will separate house Negroes from field Blacks. HNICs are unable to call for a boycott. It will never be a serious subject of discussion on commercial, Black talk radio. We will need our own forums to discuss bringing the city down to its financial knees.

During this period of spending freely, dollars must be in continuous circulation in the Black community and Black businesses must be the beneficiaries. Otherwise, we should book passage back to the plantation. So far, Blacks are exchanging hard currency for disposable items.

The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressed is the dollars of the oppressor. The expectation of white paternalism is that dollars in Black hands will be immediately returned to white financial institutions. Blacks must hold these dollars hostage until we receive a ransom. 

White financiers of white supremacy and facilitators of white employment will be wrecked if these dollars get the African holy ghost. This should be Butts homily on Sunday and a part of his repentance. Butts has enjoyed a free ride. It is now time for him to be a true disciple of Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Don't buy consumer goods where you can't own real property.

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