Who Suffers From State Shutdown?

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Today, New York State legislators will vote on an emergency bill to prevent a government shut down.  In order to keep the State on life support, law makers would have to vote in favor of an emergency bill that involves over $300 million in cuts to mental health and social service programs, in crucial effort to reduce a deficit of $9 billion.  

According to the Governor’s and State Comptroller’s Office, a NY State shutdown could include but not be limited to:

•    A freeze on Social Service payments including Welfare and Food Stamps

•    153,000 state employees would not be paid according to scheduled June 23

•    Prisons & state police patrols staffing would be reduced

•    Lottery & other non-essential services suspended & that would include the DMV

•    Parks, campgrounds, courts, unemployment offices would be closed

At this point, New York State Senator Reverend Rubén Díaz (D-Bronx), is the only Democrat in opposition of the bill, stating that he “will not vote for any more cuts.” Senate Republicans appear to be ready to vote in favor of the bill.

Senate Democratic Leader John Sampson expects the bill to pass.

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg says the City is prepared for the worst and has rainy day cash to keep running for a week past the possible shut down.

Brenda Jeanne Wyche is Managing Editor of The Black Star News and Harlem Business News.

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