Zimbabwe: MDC Wins Elections

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[Zimbabwe Elections]

Zimbabwe’s opposition MDC party has won the parliamentary elections; the party’s leader also got the most votes in the presidential run but will have to face incumbent Robert Mugabe in a runoff in three weeks as the country’s election laws require.

Official presidential election results are expected to be announced tonight in Zimbabwe. It’s unclear whether President Mugabe would stand in a runoff.

According to official results released in Zimbabwe, the MDC has won 96 seats in parliament; the ruling ZANU-PF won 94; a breakaway wing of the MDC garnered 9 seats; and, one seat went to an independent.

These are results for 200 parliamentary constituencies, out of the 210. There are only seven remaining unannounced seats; three will be by-elections following the death of candidates in the run-up to elections.

The three by-elections are in urban areas, where MDC enjoys strong support. The seven remaining seats unannounced seats are also mostly in urban areas. The MDC is likely to garner five out of the 7 remaining seats giving it 101 seats in Parliament to ZANU-PF’s 96 seats.

In the end, MDC should post a total of 104 seat to ZANU-PF's 96.


Tsiko is The Black Star News’s Southern Africa correspondent based in Harare

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