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[Community Announcement]




On Saturday August 24, 2013 at 2:00 PM Brother Bob Law, Sister Viola Plummer, Minister Abdul Hafeez Muhammad, Dr. James McIntosh and Sister Betty Dopson will salute Sister Fredrica Bey and her battle to own property in Downtown Newark despite a Vicious Media Attack by the Newark Star Ledger Newspaper.

Dr. McIntosh will link this attack on Fredrica to the same strategy being employed against Black Institutional land owners around the country. Sister Viola Plummer is recently returned from Zimbabwe in which the same phenomenon has played out with Black Land Ownership emerging victorious. Admission is Free. This will be the first program at CEMOTAP since the installation of brand new air conditioning. Admission is Free


On Saturday September 21, 2013 at 2:00 PM. BEPAA, The Board For The Education of People of African Ancestry will host the Randy Weston Quartet featuring Randy Weston on Keyboards, TK Blue on Saxophone, Alex Blake on Bass and Neil Clarke on Bass. The Event will take place at House of The Lord Church located at 415 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217. Tickets are $20.00 in advance and $25.00 at the door. Seating is first come first serve. For tickets or information call 347-907-0629 or 917-282-8932.


3. WISOMMM STRIKES BACK (See The Letter Below)

August 14, 2013

Mr. Kevin Whitmer, Editor

Star Ledger, Star Ledger Plaza

Letter To The Editor

Newark, New Jersey 07102

Re:  WISOMMM Inc.:

Dear Mr. Whitmer:

As the attorney for WISOMMM/ACE, I am requesting that you revisit the enclosed two page letter of May 10, 2013 written by Attorney Tomas R Ashley, who continues to represent Ms. Fredrica Bey and the WISOMMM organization in the USDOJ Civil Law Suit.

In his letter and other communications to the Star Ledger, he refuted the false statements, distortions and totally untrue assertions against Ms. Fredrica Bey and the WISOMMM Institution that have been printed in the Star Ledger for the past two years now.  Your response to legal councils refuting of the untruths, has been to intensify your attacks on the organization and Ms. Bey. 

Your article in Sunday August 11th newspaper asserts that  “Attorneys for the bank also accuse the group Women in Support of the Million Man March, of making fraudulent payments of more than $10,000." On Monday, August 12th, Ms. Bey explained to the Bankruptcy Auditor, that it was she, in fact, that wrote WISOMMM Inc. a check for $10,000 from the proceeds of her 2012 Income Tax return this year. The organization paid $8,000 of that back to Ms. Bey last month.  No one should have to refute you’re poorly investigated and biased perspective of her struggling organization’s financial transactions.

It appears that your newspaper has abandoned fact verification and caution when dealing with Ms. Bey and WISOMMM.  You are using repetition and allegations from questionable sources to replace genuine investigative journalism.  In the State of New Jersey, in the areas of business, politics and land development there are legitimate scandals that your newspaper could investigate and does not. It is becoming increasingly clear that your newspaper is not interested in taking on the big players or the real corruption in the state. Instead you have chosen to devote an inordinate amount of page space and ink to this relatively small community organization that happens to be the lone Black institutional property owner in downtown Newark.

Apparently race, as well as size matters when it comes to the Star Ledger.  Stop the bullying before the community recognizes and utilizes its option to stop buying your newspaper.

I am requesting that the Star Ledger publish this letter, as well as Attorney Thomas R. Ashley’s letter in your Sunday, August 18th paper.


Donald Bonomo Esq.

Cc:  Fredrica Bey, WISOMMM Inc.


4. WEBATHON FOR KHAMIT (Gravely Ill Son of Imhotep Gary Byrd)

Join legendary NYC radio personality Ken "Spider" Webb Friends & the BulLion Foundation ONLINE, Sat. Aug 17 from 10am-10pm, at www. kenwebb. com or at the Harlem State Office Bldg, 163 West 125th St, just east of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevard (Seventh Avenue) 2nd Floor, for “Support In The Key Of Life” a medical-online  fundraising “Webb-athon” for my son Khamit Byrd, who is battling diabetic macular edema. Hosted by Ken and special guests on his internet radio show at:www.kenwebbinternetradio.com. I’ll be there, along with  Bob Law, Roy Ayers, Alyson Williams and other surprise guests. (Hear-view and donate during the webcast). For donations on line anytime, just google search: You Caring: Gary Byrd or Khamit Byrd. (No dot com needed).

Seating is limited.


5.  Boycott Florida


Peace Family,

Print, circulate, get the word out to your contacts - CALL THEM ALL!

Every Sunday at 6 pm


125th Street and Malcolm X Blvd, Harlem NYC





Freedom Party Meetings 718-322-8454

Focus on Trayvon Martin BOYCOTT FLORIDA Every Wednesday

Queens at 7:30 PM African Poetry Theater

Manhattan at 6:00 PM at Harlem YMCA Board Room 110 West 135th Street

Brooklyn  at 6:30 PM at Sistas' Place 456 Nostrand Avenue (at corner of Jefferson Ave)



Join us Sunday, August 25, 2013 from 3-6 pm

Afternoon Tea to Support

Inez D. Barron for City Council

Sunday, August 25th 3-6 pm

Sistas' Place, 456 Nostrand Avenue

Tickets $50... RSVP (718) 398--1766



Brooklyn's First Church of God in Christ is hosting a debate that raises, what for some, might appear to be an irrelevant question. “In It’s Effort To Appeal To The World, Has Gospel Music Become Too Worldly?” However, a closer examination of the legacy and historical function of gospel music makes it clear that if any music has a cultural and spiritual mandate to get it right, lifting and sustaining Gods people, it is gospel music!The music was at the center of the slaves effort to wrestle western christianity away from the racist slave owners and shape it to the very real cultural, social and spiritual needs of an oppressed people. The music was part of the reconstruction of christianity. Part of the legacy of gospel music was the creation of the invisible spiritual church. The spirit of the lord would dwell in the music.

Remember the music preceded the preaching. The word of God was expressed and felt in the music. The music, forever moving us, nearer my God to thee. It was the music that came forth as a wellspring of hope, faith and confidence ultimately in our total liberation. Gospel music was more than a beat or a hook toattract young people. As WEB Dubois has explained the spirituals are the most beautiful expression of the human experience born on this continent.

The music serves as a direct link between God and man. A force that helped to sustain African people in the western hemisphere. The purpose of the music was to give the Black community a true and useful song. To inspire the uninspired, to soften the heart of the non believer, as John Lovell author of Black Song And The Flame, has said, the purposes of the spirituals are to keep the community invigorated, to enable the group to face its challenges, and to stir each member topersonal solutions and to a sense of belonging in the midst of a confusing and terrifying world.

As Larry Neal says in Visions Of A Liberated Future, the enslaved africans were the only North Americans to glean from the bible an original literature, music, and preaching style.

It is, therefore, the Black church that becomes the primary source for the subsequent development of all the important strands of Black music. Gospel music has always been the creative and inspirational source of things to come. It has never before followed someone else‘s lead. Gospel music remains a very powerful and necessary force. It is important, therefore, to examine the standing of the music and its relationship to our people, in the face of the challenges of 21st century reality.

It is important that those in the gospel community fully understand the glorious legacy entrusted to them. There is indeed a need for clarity. Gospel music cannot lose its way. Perhaps in understanding the legacy of gospel music we begin to understand what must be the function of Gospel music in this generation.


The Great Debate is Saturday August 17, 2pm, at First Church, 221Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

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