Cross-Endorsements by Cynthia Nixon and Jumaane Williams

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Nixon and Williams cross-endorse.

Democratic candidate for governor Cynthia Nixon has endorsed Jumaane Williams for New York State lieutenant governor. Williams also announced his endorsement of Cynthia.

Nixon and Williams are both running in the September 13th primary.

“Jumaane and I are both running insurgent, people-powered campaigns, and, by coming together today, we are making that coalition of every day New Yorkers even stronger,” Nixon said. “New Yorkers are tired of the unequal, broken, status quo. Right now, we have two criminal justice systems in New York state: one for Kalief Browder, and one for Harvey Weinstein. While Jumaane fought against stop and frisk, Governor Cuomo broke his promise to the Browder family that he would pass legislation to eliminate cash bail. While Jumaane has fought for decades to reduce gun violence, our current lieutenant governor had a A-plus rating from the NRA when she served in Congress.”

“This is a defining moment for our state,” Williams said. “We have the opportunity to elect New York’s first female governor who’s from the LGBTQ community, and New York’s first lieutenant governor who’s the black son of immigrants with tourettes. We are principled progressives and a historic team who will combat Trump’s hateful agenda and Cuomo’s complacency that threatens to eclipse the progress New York has made on so many fronts, including the LGBTQ community, immigrants, women’s rights and communities of more color. Together, Cynthia and I will advance an agenda that makes New York a progressive beacon. And together, we’ll create a New York for the many, not the few."

This cross-endorsement adds to a growing group of insurgent candidates, running people-powered campaigns to take out centrist, establishment Democrats, coming together to make their coalitions even stronger.

Nixon has also cross endorsed with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; Jessica Ramos, New York State Senate candidate in the 13th district; Julia Salazar, New York State Senate candidate in the 18th district; and Robert Jackson, New York State Senate candidate in the 31st district.

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