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Dominique Sharpton, courtesy of Facebook

The daughter of Reverend Al Sharpton finally spoke out against a backlash of media attacks regarding her lawsuit against the city and the launch of her not-for-profit organization.

In a recent press release, Dominique Sharpton, 28, supported her injury claim and addressed ongoing snipes and hearsays from the New York Post that paints her out to be a "shakedown artist", the same term the paper has used in past stories to describe her father.

Since the Post first reported on Dominique's lawsuit against the city for $5 million, the daughter of the charismatic activist has received a media storm of cynicism.

"Under the direction of my Attorney and advice from my doctor, I have not commented on my ongoing personal injury lawsuit," she said in a statement. "It is my Attorney who determined the figures in my lawsuit, and it is he who asked to handle all on-the-record statements pertaining to the case."

The suit was filed by Sharpton's daughter last year after she sustained injuries to her ankle in a slip and fall accident along Broome Street and Broadway in Downtown Manhattan. According to court records filed by Miss Sharpton, "she still suffers and will continue to suffer for some time physical pain and bodily injuries.”

However, the Post later reported that since her injury, Miss Sharpton has hiked up mountain trails and climbed up ladders to decorate a Christmas tree, showing no signs of permanent injuries.

In her defense, Sharpton's lawyer, John Elefterakis, told the Post, “Ms. Sharpton did sustain multiple ligament and tendon tears in her ankle” and added that, despite her mountain exploits, she “has not returned to her pre-accident form.”

To add to her denigration from the media, Miss Sharpton's nonprofit organization, "Education for a Better America (EBA) recently came under fire in recent claims from The National Review Online Magazine, who called the tax-exempt, advocacy group launched by Miss Sharpton under her father's NAN support "shady".

"In terms of the National Review Online article, after reading it, I am still at a loss as to what is considered “shady” as we have gone to great lengths to be transparent." Miss Sharpton said in her press release.

"It’s not clear to me how someone who is operating in the sunlight is being accused of operating in the shade. And, because I chose not to do an interview with an outlet that has a blatant bias for my father and me, I am wrongly being accused of being shady."

In response, Al Sharpton slammed the magazine’s criticism of his daughter’s not-for-profit group.

“It’s a bogus story. There’s nothing shady here," he told reporters.     


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