EBC-Metro IAF’s Rev. Brawley Will Call For Mayor De Blasio's Resignation At Wednesday Rally

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[New York Housing News]
EBS-Metro IAF will call for Mayor Bill de Blasio's resignation this Wednesday because of dysfunction at NYCHA...
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Rev. David K. Brawley and EBS-Metro IAF says Mayor de Blasio should resign if he can't fix issues at NYCHA...

On Wednesday, June 12 at Gracie Mansion the co-chair of EBC-Metro IAF, Rev. David K. Brawley will be holding an assembly calling for Mayor De Blasio to restore the $500 million promised for NYCHA developments last year and add $500 million more, and make the affordable housing crisis a priority--or resign as mayor.

June 12th is the one year anniversary of the original $500 million promise.

This past summer, Rev. Brawley put an assembly together to implement the next steps on perpetuating the $500 million deal he and his organization made with Mayor Bill de Blasio & Speaker Corey Johnson to build thousands of affordable apartments for seniors to ensure they get built. There was also supposed to be discussion about how to guarantee the $2.2 billion agreement between the U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman & Mayor de Blasio to repair existing NYCHA units.

As of today there has been no movement on any of the promised work. So, Rev. Brawley the co-chair of EBC-Metro IAF has set up this rally to demand accountability.

See Pastor Brawley's past interview that goes into further detail about these issues here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNuV_BYlKEo

East Brooklyn Congregations' purpose is to help ordinary people from their member institutions to gain the power to change their communities and country for the better. They use this power to win improvements on specific issues of importance to them and to improve the quality of life in Brooklyn.

Since its founding in 1980, EBC has won victories on many issues of great importance to their member institutions and the neighborhoods: Affordable Housing: construction of 3,187 Nehemiah homes and 1,203 apartments. Education reform: establishment of 2 new small quality high schools. Tenant organizing: forcing thousands of repairs in private and public housing. Public Safety: holding the NYPD accountable to improve safety around schools, churches and residences, and to close down known drug and criminal sites. Consumer organizing: forcing grocery stores to improve the quality and cleanliness of their stores. Street safety and improvements: forcing the Department of Transportation to improve hundreds of intersections by filling pot holes, installing traffic lights and repaving streets.

EBC has also assisted in the construction of over 1500 affordable homes as well as an 80 unit senior citizens only living facility in Brooklyn. EBC has also been their partner on the NYCHA work.

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