George Floyd Murder And Scenes From A Day In New York City

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Scenes from the protests Monday. Will good officers resist attempted coup by Trump if it comes to that? Photo: Courtney Long.



[From The Streets of New York City]


And, so, well, this phase 1 battle has been won. Deep State will have now have to regroup. 


They definitely didn't expect this level of national unity and coming together, especially since thinking they've completed a deep social distancing conditioning and brainwash for a really schizophrenic virus—that's another story—but, yes, they didn't expect this level of unified protest. 


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They anticipated just the garden variety of Black reaction and soundbites, that is, Al Sharpton, community "leaders," ministers and B-list local politicians whom the youth of today don't even listen to, as you can see, they're their own better moral and much more effective leaders. No more news conferencing, complaining, and weekend marching—y’all know the routine, the old-ass playbook about our displeasure over being killed, yet again. And then back to business as usual. That is, until the next ritual killing. 


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But this display of total, national, all-American outrage has them confused. Meanwhile, exposing their own infiltrated organizations by racist White supremacists and agent provocateurs caught red-handed inciting chaos and commotion. This really has them waving the white flag, now posting kumbaya photos of cops kneeling and hugging us and making nice. Yes, back to the drawing board Deep State. See you at the next post-murder rally. 


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That is, unless you get your shit together and finally clean your own house. Maybe your "good" officers, all the ones I keep hearing about, will organize a protest march against you, and best believe we Americans will have their backs because many of these officers are us. Our brothers and sisters. Mothers and fathers. Aunts and uncles. Family. Friends. Real decent, fair-minded and respecting of our freedom; loving Americans. 


PS—Deep State, that's how military coups come about, as you know. You've performed enough of 'em around the world.



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