Jumaane Williams Wins New York Times' Endorsement in Lt. Gov Race

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Jumaane Williams. Photo-Flickr.

New York City Council Member Jumaane Williams was endorsed by The New York Times in his campaign to become the Lieutenant Governor of New York State.

The Times' endorsement comes one week ahead of the Democratic Primary on September 13th.

In their endorsement, the Times praised Jumaane's impressive record as a productive activist-elected official, saying "Time and time again over his near-decade in public service, Mr. Williams has brought issues to the fore that affected millions of New Yorkers but had gone unaddressed by the city's leaders." They summarized their support by saying "Jumaane Williams, an independent-minded New York City Council member, has shown that he can be a real leader and is the right choice for lieutenant governor in the Democratic primary next Thursday."

"Seven months ago , I was proud when the New York Times named me a future lion of New York and the agitator,'" said Williams. "With this endorsement, that future is almost here and the agitator is one step closer to shaking up the political system by becoming the people's lieutenant governor."

Williams faces incumbent Kathy Hochul in the race, who the Times explained, "Has served as little more than an echo for Gov. Andrew Cuomo" and that in a debate she "could not name a single instance in which she had changed the governor's mind on an issue, or opposed one of his policies."

In the latest Siena poll, Hochul led by only nine points, with half of all voters undecided. Owing largely to the way that the role has traditionally been executed, voter information on the race and the office is low. Williams' vision of the office as an advocate for the public aims to change that by serving the people as opposed to any Governor. As Lt. Governor, Williams has committed to working with the Governor when they are acting in the best interest of the people and living up to their progressive promises, and exerting pressure when they are not.

Williams' years in city government have been marked by the use of his voice to elevate the struggling and ignored, creating the change by taking on challenges that others avoid for political expedience. It is this model that he hopes to bring to the Lieutenant Governor"s office with a victory next week and in the general election.

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