Mayor Weiner? He Should Work On Saving His Marriage

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If Anthony Weiner was, say Bill Thompson, or John Liu, would he still be in the race for mayor of New York City? Would he even have dared enter the race barely two years after the Sexting scandal drove him from Congress?

What if Christine Quinn had also been Sexting explicit images and sexual exchanges with a woman she's not married to?

After he quit Congress, Weiner said he asked for forgiveness from his wife. He said he worked through their marriage and that he went to therapy and she forgave him. He asked for privacy so he could deal with his marriage.

But it now turns out that Weiner's "habit" continued even after he resigned from Congress.

Yes, we are all mortals and deserve forgiveness but it's important to "come clean" (no pun intended) after asking for understanding and another chance.

It appears from Weiner's response to the questions at a press conference yesterday that his wife Huma Abedin may not have been aware that her husband continued Sexting after he quit Congress and begged her to forgive him.

If that's the case then he certainly must take her for a big fool. She may not even know him at all.

Some of the exchanges with an unidentified woman that occurred apparently as recently as last summer. They are quite explicit. They reveal that Weiner may have talent in another arena should he switch careers: writing porn movies.

Here's a sampling, as posted on the website that exposed Weiner's talents yesterday, The website also posted what it claims are --partially blurred-- images of Weiner's male member.

Weiner's nickname was Carlos Danger and his user name's Dangr33.


I must have cum thinking about you and looking at you 100 times. how does that make you feel? gross?

(Mystery woman):

That turns me on so much. Seriously


so I walk in to a hotel room and you are at the end of the bed naked except for some amazing fuckme shoes. your legs are spread. your feet are flat onthe ground you are leaning slightly forward looking completely in charge

(Mystery woman):

you know, we could always make that fantasy a reality :)


can I tell you what I thought last night that made me cum?

(Mystery woman):

please do


still holding your hair I spread your legs. your tits are swinging already as you wriggle. I take out my cock and I lean over and whisper "what do you want me to do to you?"

(Mystery woman):

ravage me


still holding your hair. now standing. I take my other hand and finger your pussy. Its wet soaked. I turn you around and bend you over the back of a chair. your pussy asking for it.

(Mystery woman):

fuck me baby.



There's more on There are likely other Sexting exchanges that Weiner hasn't yet revealed that may soonbe published.

Weiner needs to return to the "therapy" he says he was undergoing if he really wants to save his family and his marriage. Unless his wife doesn't mind this kind of behavior of course.

Every marriage is different, after all. If she does, he owes it to her to quit the race if not to voters.



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