Public Advocate Race: Manhattan Borough President Brewer Endorses Williams

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Jumaane Williams. Photo: Facebook 
Jumaane Williams' candidacy for Public Advocate has been endorsed by Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer who cited his history as an activist and his progressive positions in the City Council. Brewer is the first Borough President to endorse a candidate in the special election, which will take place on Tuesday, February 26th.
"Jumaane Williams is the best candidate for Public Advocate, and here's why I'm endorsing him: With Jumaane, there's nothing false," Brewer wrote in her letter announcing support for Williams. "You can always tell whether someone in politics has a real soul and real integrity. Just watch how they relate to ordinary people of all kinds, and young people especially- on the streets, in the developments, in or out of school- and not only at election time. You can't fake the way Jumaane listens, the conviction in his voice, or the openness of his mind and heart."
The letter added: "Jumaane's voice- genuine, informed, brimming with passion- is one you rarely hear these days. His words are never empty, and he never talks around you or above you, but always straight at it. The honest respect Jumaane has for others; for the stranger, friend, or colleague; his way with a good word even for those he disagrees with- in politics that kind of character sets you apart, and it comes in handy, too, because 'when they go low (and they will), he goes high.' It's not hard to have a record to run on. But creating important laws that help and protect people as Jumaane has done, that's not easy. It takes vision, and leadership. Persuading and coalition-building. Earning trust, and sharing credit. These assets come naturally to Jumaane, and it shows in his success and, in a crowded field, note his long list of endorsements.
"I've added my name to theirs because everything I've just said about Jumaane is true. Because his positions on key issues-mirror my own; and because, like me, he's not running for Mayor. Jumaane Williams is the most qualified, best prepared candidate in this race, and the one truly committed to being the finest Public Advocate in the city's history. He's got my vote. I urge you to trust him with yours."
"Gale Brewer is one the most well-respected, hardworking elected officials in New York City and I am honored to receive her endorsement for Public Advocate," Williams said. "We share the same vision of a New York City free of hate and bigotry, where every person regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or nation of origin is protected and proud to call New York City home. As the people's advocate I will work as hard as I can to bring the vision to fruition."
Brewer's endorsement adds to the list of more than two dozen city and state elected officials and countless grassroots groups that have endorsed Jumaane leading up to the February 26th Special Election.

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