Rupert Green's Queens City Council Race: Let's Rebuild Our Communities

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Jamaican-born scholar and activist, Rupert Green, is a candidate for New York City Council in District 27 in Queens (St. Albans, parts of Hollis, Cambria Heights, Queens Village, Addisleigh Park, and Springfield Garden). The election is on Tuesday November 7th.

Many of you might question Dr. Green’s alignment with the Republican Party, given his lengthy activist activity and deep background as an advocate of social improvement. Green explains this strategy with a refreshing element of honesty; his run is not about ideology, just simply a recognition of the economics of party politics. After raising $8,000 in private contributions, the city then matched him those funds with $32,000.

These funds were used to rent a shuttered store front from a fellow Jamaican that became his campaign office. Green is also providing temporary employment for 15 local individuals and infusing money into local businesses.

It is imperative to emphasize a foundation of Dr. Green’s platform: Blacks are not born Democrats. There is no predisposition to our voting preference other than our historical pattern of Democratic Party support dating back to 1932. Why should an unsubstantiated and generalized Party support continue to be assumed by the governing Party that has failed to effectively address the issues of our time? Black voting loyalty to the Democratic Party has yielded failing schools, diminished living standards, and prisons filled with too many of our children.

When elected, Dr. Green will act to address those failing schools, the illegal foreclosures, the refurbishing of the transportation system servicing the community, and tackle the lack of shopping and recreational areas befitting the Cambria Heights community. In addition, Green will improve the lack of opportunities for our businesses to participate in the LaGuardia rebuilding and construction initiative in downtown Jamaica, and spearhead bringing high tech jobs to rundown areas such as Hollis Ave, Murdock Ave, and Farmers Blvd.

Dr. Green’s political platform embraces multiculturalism and equal opportunity, and exemplifies leadership that respects and values voters that take the time to engage in the process and view their choices as truly representative government and not just a racially divided 2 Party system. While many may view his efforts as a dark horse candidacy, Green embraces the challenge, because the cause is worthy of that effort. If fellow Jamaicans and other Caribbean Americans (Trinis, Bajans), Asians, South Americans (e.g., Guyanese), Africans, and Progressive African American residents engage in the process that governs them, if they vote for the candidate and not just the Party, a difference can be made, a candidate OF and FOR the people can prevail to serve them.

Together, united in a common cause of REAL representation, one that reflects who we truly are, we can achieve anything. After all, Jamaica does not have snow, but it sent a bobsled team to the Winter Olympics. Such optimism and balls inform his run.

Dr. Green reminds us that all politics are local. While we grimace at much of the foolishness in Washington, we depend on it for money to buy milk for our babies, and to feed, roof, and protect our families. Therefore, it is the best interest of our community to elect someone who can distinguish the fools from friends, who understands the workings of representative government, someone aligned with the needs of the community, in front of the needs of their Party. Someone who can secure those Federal funds for the improvement of his local community.

Now is the time to take an active role in the selection of those that will govern you, and yours.

Please honor me with your vote on November 7th so I can work for you, for yours, and for the common good of our community. Hold your local political structure accountable to you, demand that which you know is needed, and that which we both desire. With your support, we all succeed.

[Paid For By Committee To Elect Rupert Green]

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