Touchy Issue: De Blasio's Breast Police And White Male Hegemony

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Liberal mayor De Blasio is very illiberal when it comes to women's exposed breasts

[Equality Before The Law]

The real meaning of "equality" is being tested in New York City right now in 2015.

Powerful White males, and those they control, are demonstrating that although they give lip-service to the concept of equality, they really don’t mean it. There is great consternation and opposition being garnered by the governor, the mayor and other powerful elected officials to crush and suppress those who choose to exercise their rights under law.

Some women are choosing to cavort topless in and about that most well-known global icon, Times Square, the heart and soul of America, in Manhattan. It's the most popular famous and renowned spot in this urban center.

This reaction by the most powerful men in New York State is in opposition to the equality of women. Equal pay for equal work? Pooh. White men pay superficial lip-service to everyone else’s equality except their own.

They attend banquets and champion high, mighty and lofty sounding ideals but when it comes down to brass tacks they do not believe that all citizens are equal and, or, are entitled to equal treatment under the law.

White Men intend to control all the female breasts in New York State: when you can show’em; who you can show’em to, etc.; and trust, that is not all that White men intend to retain, control and dominate.

The law permits women to enjoy the same rights and privileges as White men; these White men are conspiring to ban women’s right to expose their breasts -- who knows what other evils lurk-- except when, where and however they wish to enjoy or partake of them.

This is preposterous. Women have fought long and hard to partake of the freedoms enjoyed,  particularly, by White men --or to escape their particular superimposed bondage;  and here you have the chief legal officers of New York State determined to obliterate this legal right of women.

What might these White men do next? This is a prime example of the lies that White men tell and ‘when the rubber hits the road. White men are deceitful when they speak of equality for all citizens.  Ask a Native American; and just think, these bare-breasted women for the most part are the mothers, wives, sisters and daughters of White men. White men intend to deprive women of their equality even if it means subjugating their own.

White men see their dominance of American culture slipping from their selfish grasp and they intend to exert control and dominion over this situation among others. They are taking a hands on approach.

They are currently conspiring with a handpicked blue-ribbon commission to bind women’s breasts to what White men deem is appropriate; where and when, how and only upon their approval shall female breasts be available.

When White men do not approve of another’s use of their unalienable rights, they will alienate those rights away. White men are in crisis. I can think of no greater or more glaring example of deceit as is perpetrated in these events.

Shame on these White powerful men for their lies concerning equality for all in New York State. They are the ones who've been exposed of their naked hypocrisy.


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