Riders Testify at MTA Meeting in Favor of 6-Minute-Service

Riders Testify For #6MinuteService: At Today's MTA Committee Meeting
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Before a meeting of the MTA Board's New York City Transit Committee this morning at 2 Broadway, Riders Alliance members gave testimony regarding MTA transit problems, urging Governor Hochul to save public transit from fiscal crisis and invest in more frequent buses and trains.

Here are a few of their statements from this morning's meeting.

"Six minute service brings more opportunity within reach for New Yorkers who need it most," said Riders Alliance Executive Director Betsy Plum. "That’s why we’re calling on Governor Hochul to invest in a positive vision for public transit: funding to resolve the fiscal cliff and a targeted investment in improving service to grow ridership over the long term. Serving riders better today and investing in attracting new riders to public transit is the only way we secure the MTA’s future."  

"Sometimes I choose to just stay home knowing the wait times are long in the extreme cold or heat with no place to sit or even a bus shelter to cover you," said Bronx artist and Bx13 and 4 train rider Victor Walker. "Today I ask you all to strongly consider #6minservice. Think about who rides the bus the most in this city: Seniors, the physically disabled, parents, students. Often with no bus shelter as they wait. Riders need frequent transit service today!"

"Running a business in NYC is even more complex if you can not rely on your workforce being on time. This is especially challenging when a business runs 24/7 and has shifts starting overnight and on weekends," said Upper West Sider Paul Fridman. "Schedules were created to assume there would be employees late or missing work often due to transportation issues. This increases the cost and complexity of business operations in NYC. The ease and attractiveness of operating in NYC increases with more reliable transportation for employees. I ask that the MTA work towards a minimum of #6MinuteService to help riders and businesses in NYC."

"As a bus operator, I know what service changes mean, it means cuts," said Co-op City resident and retired bus operator Alfred Lynch Jr. "If there is no commitment from the MTA to invest more money in improving buses in the Bronx, we have no reason to believe that this will make the lives of riders better and speed up our bus trips. I'm calling on Governor Hochul and the MTA to radically improve the lives of bus riders. Access to reliable and affordable buses are critical for Bronx riders."

"I've developed spinal & joint degeneration over time that mean I can no longer stand on a platform for 17 minutes waiting for a train and then stand on the train for 20 more minutes without extreme pain," said Brooklynite Emily Rose Prats. "More frequent service would mean a less painful experience for me when I stand, as well as less crowded platforms & cars, which would make seating more accessible. This more equitable access to transit would mean more subway trips for me and elevated ridership for the MTA. If the city expects workers like me to keep it running 24/7, then it owes us reliable, accessible transit 24/7. Six minute service is a big step in the right direction."

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