“Revolution� Comes To Harlem

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"REVOLUTION," the film, is coming to Harlem this week. Already, signs
of this event are everywhere: 5 foot high posters up on walls, signs in
store windows, postcards stacked on countertops and being distributed
hand to hand.

Over the airwaves the word is going out through interviews and public
service announcements. On the street and where people gather
anticipation is building for this special evening on Tuesday, June 12th.

Chuck D, Rev. Earl Kooperkamp, Herb Boyd, reg e. gaines, Michael Tarif
Warren Esq., David Zeiger, Christopher McElroen of the Classical
Theater of Harlem, and Rev. Luis Barrios make up the host committee
inviting one and all to an evening of performance, and celebration,
centered around a film of a talk by Bob Avakian entitled "Revolution:
Why It's Necessary; Why It's Possible; What It's All About".

Def Poet Staceyann Chin, actor/comedian Aladdin, jazz artists Reggie
Workman, James Spaulding, Roy Campbell, and Michael Wimberly will be
gracing the evening with their performances, and following the film
will be a reception.

Bob Avakian is a revolutionary communist leader from the 60’s who
fought alongside the Black Panther Party, against the Vietnam War, and
came through the Berkeley Free Speech movement and has never sold out,
never given up, and never backed away from the toughest questions and
obstacles confronting the people and the prospects for real
revolutionary transformation. Today he is the leader of a party that is
seriously setting its sights on the seizure of power right within the
U.S. itself, and the revolutionary transformation of society as part of
the world proletarian revolution.

In his talk, Revolution, Avakian takes viewers on a journey that can
change one’s whole way of looking at the world and how they choose to
live. As Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader film critic, put it,
Avakian’s “communist analysis is graceful, and he lucidly explains
concepts ranging from dialectical materialism to irony without
condescending to his audience.”

At a time when dreams of liberation are ruled out of order, when the
onrushing madness of the day seems to foreclose on the future, and when
humanity’s options seem close to running out—this is the right time to
come and hear to the revolutionary voice of Bob Avakian, to engage the
analysis and solutions he is bringing forward, and to celebrate and
commune with others from various perspectives who are concerned about
and feel a responsibility to alter the course that history is currently
set on.

In the words of Reverend Earl Kooperkamp: “This clear voice for social
change is a welcome relief from all the confusion and lies. Listen, and
you will truly hear a voice of reason, with sharp analysis and deep
understanding, going up against the tide of injustice and
oppression—While you might not agree with everything he says, he will
challenge you with his insights and a clarion call to what must be
done. ”

Film screening, Performances, Reception.

WHEN: June 12th, Tuesday, 7 - 9:30 pm

WHERE: Schomburg Center for
Research in Black Culture, 515 Malcolm X Boulevard and 135th Street,
Harlem. Tickets $15, available at www.revolutionbooksnyc.org, call



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