10 Best Books To Read

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There are two selections held over from the last list; four classics, and the
Sistas rank three of the top four. Read them and watch your back.
No. 10-State of Denial: Bush at War, Bob Woodward-ISBN 0743272234. This is
the same guy whose Washington Post investigative reporting and editorials
brought down Richard Nixon. He’s got the files on Bush too, but today he withholds tons of information until his book gets published. If the apocalypse comes you can bet Woodward knew something.

No. 9-A Classic. The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass, Frederick
Douglass-ISBN 0486431703: Any of you who consider that reading and getting good
grades is somehow “acting white,� needs to go through what Douglass endured back
then when reading was illegal for Blacks. Young Douglass hustled for knowledge,
persuading white childhood friends and a slaveholder wife to expose him
to a word here or a lesson there.

Most slaves revered Douglass because he took heat for this act of defiance, and he secretly taught others. Once caught –ratted out by another slave, just like some of ya’ll still do—the teenage Douglass was handed over to the brutal hands of “Covay the Negro Breaker;� an anti-Black recon, interrogator, and punisher. The rest is history. There are many such Negro breakers today in various industries and incarnations. How are you handling them?

No. 8-A Classic. Confessions of Nat Turner: William Styron-ISBN 0679736638:
Styron won a Pulitzer for misinterpreting a damn good slaughter and in
completely overlooking Turner’s captivity itself as justification, seems to
posthumously scold and reprimand Turner and his followers. Black press
hammered him; Styron still couldn’t figure out why. He died on 11/1/06.
No. 7-Man Up: Nobody’s Coming To Save You: Steve Perry-ISBN 0970892926: A take-no-prisoners tirade through Black male culpability from the “gangsta� to some educated brothas, and why both are failing the Black community. Only 150 pages; he explains why thugs are actually soft and working men and union/activists are the real hard-core. A must read for students and inmates. Buy in bulk and get a discount by contacting Sister Jackie Black of Renegade Books at (860) 740-6761.

No. 6-A Classic. The Mis-education of the Negro, Carter G. Woodson-ISBN
1564110419: This ’06 reprint by H. Khalid Khalifah is sadly ahead of it’s
time. This Muslim Brother brings one of the most important reads ever into
the fray of an even worse mis-education program for Blacks. Woodson
wouldn't be thrilled with today's schools.
No. 5-Code of the Street, Elijah Anderson-ISBN 0393320782: 70s Structural
Decline left a vacuum, closing plants, absent jobs, absent paycheck, absent
manhood, absent fathers. In it’s place the rise of the black market economy, increased gang membership, new drugs; angel dust, crack, etc., and a new street etiquette that leaves little room for errors, and much room for murders. Right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right. Unlike most “street� books, this focuses on the lives of regular people living amongst pimps, prostitutes, gangsters, and gamers—and what they do to keep their families and lives together.

No. 4-Classic. The Isis Papers: the keys to the colors, Dr. Frances Cress
Welsing-ISBN 0976531704 Psychiatrist Welsing authored the Cress Theory of
Color Confrontation, of which white supremacy is the driving force. Welsing
takes up where Dr. Neely Fuller left off. Powerful.
No. 3-Black Education: a transformative research and action agenda for the
new century, edited by Dr. Joyce E. King-ISBN 0805854584 The result of a
worldwide survey that concludes that Black children are failing due to
courses and teaching methods not geared to them, and solutions to improve.
No. 2-How to Keep Black Boys out of Special Education, Jawanza Kunjufu-ISBN
0974900028 Another hit for Kunjufu, a comparative study on why white fear
puts Black boys in special ed. Chapters two and 11 are actually blistering
PowerPoint Presentations: “Thirty percent of special education teachers are
unqualified, and the majority of them teach in African American schools.�
No. 1-Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of medical experimentation on
Black Americans from colonial times to present, Harriet Washington-ISBN
0385509936 Meticulously researched account, a 500 page report (glossary 50
pages-long) and commentary of tireless, devious white experimentation on
Blacks since colonialism, to the modern health care disparities.

Currently making the rounds on Black talk radio. Read this before it becomes illegal (again).
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