2012 Politics: The Real Motive Behind James Carville's Super-Rage Over BP Spill

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Is James Carville a lunatic who thinks he has a monopoly on anger and rage or is there a devious objective behind his madness?

Does Carville expect everyone to demonstrate rage the way he does--speaking in high-speed, in an excitable manner, with saliva flying from the corners of his or her mouth?



If President Obama doesn't react like Carville, does that mean that he's less enraged about the disastrous BP oil spill in the Gulf?

President Obama quickly deployed the nation's resources, to mitigate the damage from the oil gusher soon after the disaster. Since then his administration has provided regular updates.


The fact that BP and no other oil company has the technology to seal the gusher is the reason why thousands of gallons of oil continues to flow from the bottom of the ocean--not because Obama, as Carville falsely suggests, is not angry enough.

What's more, the president is the nation's leader and commander in chief; he presides over the world's remaining superpower with awesome responsibilities over the fate of much of humanity.

His power would be eroded --since serious doubt would be raised about his sanity, and his ability to be rational when it comes to serious decisions, including of war and peace and national security-- if he were to hold a press conference and pontificate against BP, Carville-style, with saliva flying from the corners of his mouth.

There is a reason why the nation elected a man like Barack Obama to be president --through the primaries and then at the General Election-- not least of which is his balanced temperament for national leadership.

Carville epitomizes the opposite of someone who is balanced and rational; his style of rage is appropriate for bar fights.

And while he is welcome to his rage, lunatic-style and all, on any national television network that will have him on, to paraphrase John McEnroe, he "cannot be serious" if he expects the commander-in-chief to follow his lead.

Let's imagine for a second that Obama were to go saliva on BP. Then what? Would the company suddenly, even without the technology, be able to plug the gusher under the ocean the next day? Would any of the cleanup efforts --the government has deployed several hundred vessels-- be enhanced?

Of course not.

BP certainly knows that the President is angry--the company has been pressured into committing that it will pay for the total cost of cleanup, estimated at over $25 billion, as well as all the claims for damages, which has been placed at more than $15 billion.

The president did not need to spit, like Carville does, for theatrics.

So what's the truth behind Carville's peculiar display in the Gulf? He knows that Obama must be enraged over an issue that could actually harm his presidency and chances for re-election. Carville may act irrational sometimes; but there is always a goal to his madness.

At the end of the day, Carville is a spokesman for Bill and Hillary Clinton. He can be very nasty, mean-spirited and malicious.

Let's not forget that during the primaries, even when it was clear that Obama had built an insurmountable lead in delegates, Carville declared that there were only two Democratic candidates remaining in the race and that only one of them had two balls--referring to Hillary Clinton of course. He was hoping to fuel Right Wing Republican rumors about Obama's masculinity.

It's not inconceivable that Carville has gotten the green light from the Clinton camp to go saliva on Obama. It's not inconceivable that Clinton supporters hope that if the Gulf disaster sufficiently harms Obama's prospects in 2012, Hillary Clinton would then step forward to the rescue, and carry the banner of the Democrats.

So even though Carville may seem wretched with his theatrics in the Gulf--he's only a hit man for the Machiavellian couple residing in Chappaqua, who still harbor dreams about a return to the White House.

With Carville, it's not about BP or the gulf disaster at all; it's about politics and campaigning.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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