80 Percent Latinos Back Obama: Zogby

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[Election 2008]

Nearly 80 percent of Latino voters now back Senator Barack Obama, Zogby has found.
The Univision/Reuters/Zogby International telephone survey of 1,016 Hispanic/Latino likely voters nationwide was conducted Oct. 30 - Nov. 2, 2008, and carries a margin of error of +/-3.1 percentage points.
An earlier nationwide Zogby poll, conducted Oct. 3 - 17, found Obama with 70% of support among Hispanic likely voters, while 21% favored McCain. That survey was conducted among 600 Hispanic likely voters, with a margin of error +/- 4.1 percentage points.
Early voting may set new records in many states.
Twenty-seven percent of Hispanics surveyed in the Univision/Reuters/Zogby poll have already voted, and 69% of respondents state that they are very likely to vote. This year, Latinos will make history in numbers and impact.
The Hispanic vote is an important factor in key battleground states from Colorado to Ohio to Florida. Among Hispanic likely voters surveyed, 70% identify themselves as Democrats, 10% align themselves with the Republican Party, and 20% consider themselves Independents.
A high percentage - 47% - of Hispanic survey respondents are first-time voters. Thirty-six percent of these new voters indicate that they recently registered to vote for a combination of reasons: they have just become U.S. citizens, they want to express their opinions on the recent immigration debate, and they realize there are so many important issues at stake in the 2008 elections.
The economy and jobs continue to be the number one issue across the country. Fifty-four percent believe that the economy is the crucial factor when deciding their vote. Seventy percent of Hispanic likely voters report that either they or a member of their family living with them has been personally affected by the current economic crisis.
Even with a high percentage of Hispanic likely voters impacted by the difficult economic situation nationwide, 72% continue to believe that it is possible to achieve the American Dream.
Twelve percent believe that the issue of health care, including insurance and pre scri ption drugs, is the most important factor, while 11% choose immigration and 10% still believe the U.S. war in Iraq to be the crucial issue.
On the issue of immigration, 47% feel that the amount of campaign time that the presidential candidates have devoted to discussing their policies has been too little,41% say it has been just enough and 9% believe it has been too much.
Regarding foreign policy, 48% of Latino respondents believe that U.S. policy towards their country of origin will influence their decision to choose the next president, while 48% indicate that it does not affect their choice. Fifty-six percent of Latino voters believe that the presidential candidates have spent too little time in discussing U.S. policy towards Latin America, while 33% believe it has been enough.
The large majority of Hispanic likely voters - 80% - believe that the United States should decrease its military commitment in Iraq, as opposed to 5% who say that this country should increase its involvement.



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