A Beautiful Country

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(Filmmaker Russo, left, shown with Black Star investigative writer Winkfield, far right).

While being led to hang, fearless abolitionist John Brown gazed into the horizon and said “This is a beautiful country.� Indeed, we live in a beautiful country.

Consider this: Is it really true that there’s no law that gives the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) the power to collect income taxes nor compel citizens to pay a private debt? The IRS is an organization created by the U.S. Federal Government, which has a history of going around the country strong-arming and putting fear in citizens to file a 1040 form no later than April 15th of each year – or else.  This type of action we now know trespasses against the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution – or is the Constitution dead?

Go see Aaron Russo’s new film “America: Freedom to Fascism,â€? which open July 28, in New York, Chicago, Kansas City, Austin Texas and Tampa Florida.  The movie will be a shocker to every employee in this country.  Viewers will watch this movie with their mouth in the, “open-wide,â€? dentist position.

Russo managed Bette Midler from 1972 to 1979 and was awarded am Emmy for Midler’s television special and received a gold record for producing the soundtrack to “The Rose,â€? starring Midler in 1979. He also produced the movie, “Trading Places,â€? (1983) starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, as well as “Wise Guys,â€? (1986) and “Rude Awakening,â€? (1989).  He’s a member of the Golden Globe awards and received an Emmy and Tony award for his work.

Russo has to be commended for coming from behind the camera and getting right into focusing on exposing what America’s leaders have done. He looks into the much-debated “ratification� of the 16th Amendment in 1913 and the influence of powerful banking interests in the passage of the Federal Reserve System Act which allowed a private bank, incorporated in Delaware, to create and issue money instead of the American government. The government now had to borrow money from these bankers, and pay interest on it, to fund the running of our country.

Some may have questions above the movie coming out at this time, when they should be thinking of questions to ask their accountant, or tax preparer:  “Where is the law?â€?  Just think about it, there is only one signature on the tax form – yours. Which makes it a contract by “voluntary compliance,â€? defined in Blacks Law as, “Unimpelled by another’s influence, submission..â€? Meaning employees pay taxes willingly.

We all think taxes are used to keep our streets paved, and our civil servants on the job.  Wrong. According to this movie, there is no law that compels private citizens to pay taxes, and the taxes, which are collected, get put in the hands of private interest groups who control the Federal Reserve Bank. “America: From Freedom to Fascism,â€? hits right here in New York. This column on numerous occasions has reported how hundreds of Black civil servants working as correction officers were terminated by now-convicted mobster Bernard Bailey Kerik, because they filed an IRS 1099 form exempting them from being taxed. Regards of one’s personal feelings about the issue what law was used to terminate these civil servants? What’s more, in the correction department case, whites who had made similar filings were simply allowed to “correctâ€? them—they kept their jobs or retired with benefits.

In the movie Sherry Jackson, a former IRS Agent stated “Approximately 67 million people don’t file an income tax return.� Sheldon Cohen, Retired IRS Commissioner and author of the IRS Tax Code, flat out dismissed a standing Supreme Court decision handed down in 1920, saying it had no precedence over the tax code. “U.S. Supreme Court decisions are inapplicable to the IRS,� he claims. This type of arrogance and culture is still very present in the IRS today.

Independent movies such as, “Fahrenheit 9/11,� and “Giuliani Time,� never really made its way into the African-American communities where this information is greatly needed and movie goers should demand these type movies to be shown in their area. “Michael Moore’s movie put the red states against the blue states, Republicans against Democrats, it polarized the people,� Russo stated. “There’s no polarizing in his movie, the IRS does not care who you are, what color you are, or how you vote – the IRS just wants your dollars by way of taxes. When the IRS gets mentioned in the movie, it puts you in the mindset of the movie, “The Wizard of Oz,� when the ‘Tax Identification Number,’ known in the movie as the, “TIN MAN,� marches down the yellow-brick-road to get a heart, which the IRS never possessed.

The film brings up the sad case of legendary heavyweight boxing champion Joe “Brown Bomber� Louis. He was stepped on like a roach after he donated his prize money to the army. The IRS taxed him for the interest and delivered Louis and his family to the poor house. This was one of ugliest and moments in “America the Beautiful.�
We have to question the direction of those leaders in power who are making decisions and passing laws that infringe on our, “Freedoms.â€?  We have a right and duty to petition the government in a court of law – or do we?  “On August 31, 2005, Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan ruled the government does not have to answer the American people’s questions,â€? Russo states in his documentary movie. This ruling clearly trespasses against the First Amendment of the Constitution – The Law of the Land.

After you watch, “America: From Freedom to Fascism,â€? let me know what you think about the movie and what will you be doing come tax time?  Would you continue to pay the tax? Would you question where your hard-earned money is going? Is it true that secret private bankers control the Federal Reserve Bank? And if so, should the secret private bankers be put out of business and closed down? 

In the movie, “The Matrix,â€? when one of the characters wanted to defect, while eating a steak, and mused, “I know this is not real, but it sure tastes good.â€? The decision was his to make – remember “voluntary compliance.â€?  Now you know.  Where do you stand?

If you have any comments contact Winkfield or for his consideration regarding covering your own story.  Write to [email protected] or call (212) 481-7745 or On The Spot, Post Office Box 230149, Queens County 11423 or email:  [email protected].  Together we can get the justice everyone just talks about.


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