A Celebration Of Rev. Ike, Saturday

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[In Memoriam]

Standing before the pulpit, immaculately dressed, you couldn’t help but keep your eyes fixated on him.

Words of comfort, financial liberation, and spiritual stimulation were directed towards every listener within reach. Few other spiritual figures have displayed their capability to share the message of financial independence to their flock like that of the late Pastor Rev. Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter, affectionately referred to as “Rev. Ike.”

Growing up poor was a struggle for this spiritual financial figure. “I remember him saying at one point that he was trying to pawn his jacket to get carfare for the subway,” recalls Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, a former apprentice of Rev. Ike, who now runs Zoe Ministries.  Rev. Ike surmounted poverty to become an established pastor with an abundance of financial advice for all those willing to take note.

Rev. Ike’s supporters and followers grew larger. He reached millions more through radio and television.  Bishop Bernard Jordan recalls one of Rev. Ike’s sermons: “’I do not serve money. Money loves to serve me. Money loves to serve my bank account, and my wallet.’”

Rev. Ike’s supporters included ordinary people as well as established notables such as Diana Ross, Sammy Davis Jr. and Lena Horne.

Bishop E. Bernard Jordan recalls another Rev. Ike maxim: “You can’t loose with the stuff I use, and you won’t miss if you work with this.” These words were constantly shared, by a man who has touched many hearts of many.

As a result of a stroke in 2007, Rev. Ike never completely recovered, according to Bishop Jordan. At the age of 74, Rev. Ike ended his quest to preach financial prosperity on July 28th of this year. 

As man who was worked closely with Rev. Ike, Bishop Jordan refers to him as one of the most idiosyncratic spiritual figures to take the message of prosperity around the world, earning him the title, “The Grandfather of Prosperity.”

Editor’s Note: Please join in the celebration of Rev. Ike’s ministry on Saturday August 15, 2009 at 11 AM, at Christ Community United Church, 175th Street and Broadway.

Join Rev. Al Sharpton and Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, Yolanda Wynn, Sarah Dash, Stanley Brown, Pastor Sal Sabino, and many others honoring the legacy and teachings of Rev. Ike.

For more information call (212) 629-9404 or (800) 353-2217


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