A Defining Election

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(Columnist urges electorate to repudiate Bush & Co.)

It’s an understatement to say that, the outcome of Tuesday’s elections can drastically decide the direction this country may go.
Think of the 2000 elections. If Bush and company weren’t “selected” to occupy the White House, who knows how different things might be now? Thousands of African Americans were purged from the voter lists in Florida, setting the stage for the robbery of the White House.    

Now, six years later, here we are with a failed war, failed fiscal policies and a failing democracy. This election, Democrats are poised to retake the House and possibly the Senate. The winners have an important task before them—assuming they care about the health of the country—wrestling power away from this dictatorial White House.

For the past six years, this White House has had its way, with a Congress that has repeatedly rubber stamped whatever the Bush/Cheney Junta has demanded. This includes allowing them to illegally spy on the American people, appointing partisan partial judges like John Roberts and Samuel Alito, enriching their war-profiteering friends like Halliburton Co., which company continues to horde the treasury of the American people, while providing morally unconscionable tax breaks for the wealthy and passing a law which legalizes torture.     

All these problems must be looked at through the prism of this scandalous war, which provided added cover for abuses against the people’s interests. It goes without saying that this war is an unmitigated disaster. With nearly 3,000 dead American troops, 600,000 dead Iraqis, a growing “insurgency” and an Iraq increasingly spiraling out of control, what else can we call this war? All of this could have been stopped. It could have been stopped, if we had a Congress that really cared about the American people and not their debts to campaign contributors and “K Street” lobbyists.

It could have been stopped, if there was real integrity free of rigid party politics. Our is a “democracy” with a small “d” defiled by the influence of big money which shrinks the pool of candidates. For you can’t play if you can’t pay. No one without access to big money can win any major election.    

With that as a reminder, we shouldn’t expect any radical change from those we have elect this November. However, we should expect them at the very least to obliterate the insidious policies that Republicans have rammed down the throats of the populace. Otherwise, this country will continue to fall into the abyss of total destruction.

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