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[Op-Ed: Open Letter]

Dear Senator Obama:

We applaud your efforts to encourage the FCC to address minority ownership as demonstrated in your letter to FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin.

In part you wrote to Martin: “According to press accounts, you intend to present specific changes to existing rules in November with a Commission vote on that proposal – whatever it may be – on December 18, 2007. I believe both the proposed timeline and process are irresponsible. 

Minority owned and operated newspapers and radio stations play a critical role in the African American and Latino communities and bring minority issues to the forefront of our national discussion. However, the Commission has failed to further the goals of diversity in the media and promote localism, and as a result, it is in no position to justify allowing for increased consolidation of the market. Moreover, 30 days of public review of a specific proposed change is insufficient to assess the effect that change would have on the media marketplace or the rationale on which any such proposal is based.”

This is something about which we here at The A-List, the premier electronic trade outlet covering a new, diverse Hollywood, are extremely passionate.

So much so we have taken the lead in Hollywood by creating a petition the FCC for increased minority media inclusion ( www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/463150484) and have consistently covered the topic within our issues during 2007.

Should mega corporations be permitted to continue to gobble up various media interests, there will be fewer opportunities for minority media ownership.  In addition, the current  pool is becoming so small that the diverse opinions and lifestyles of America's people are in danger of not being seen or heard--even though we are key content creators.. 

A major concern is also the possible exclusion of equity in an industry  in which we should be entitled to enter and expand fully.

The United States is supposedly built on the great "melting pot" theory, yet the pot is consistently attempted to be stirred by one race, one gender, primarily. It is only in celebrating our diversity through media that we will learn to respect and appreciation each other, our opinions and cultures while raising profitability for all.

We invite your office to work with us in creating a direct bridge between multicultural Hollywood and Washington via a number of concepts we have developed.  We await your response.

Coleman and Brown are Co-Publishers, The A-List thealistmagzine.blogspot.com

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