ABC TV video: CoverUp By Sanford Police In Trayvon Martin Killing?

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 [Black Star News Editorial]
So ABC has now obtained a videotape of when George Zimmerman was taken into custody by the Sanford Police.

videotape shows that Zimmerman was not bleeding from the nose and his
supporters, acolytes and police said in the last few days. There does not seem to be any evidence that he had bled on his clothing or that he had recently been treated for bleeding as a result of having been assaulted.

There is also
no apparent wound on the back of Zimmerman's head and no sign of someone who had been bleeding from there or someone who had been treated for a head wound after having it bashed against the pavement. There is also no clear evidence of "wetness" on Zimmerman's back; he had been violently thrown on the ground by Trayvon Martin and then pumelled, Zimmerman and his acolytes have claimed.

One police officer actually
claimed that he too had observed the bleeding and the wetness. This
"information" is also on the "police report" purportedly made by Sanford Police on the night of the killing.
The Black Star News in
a column yesterday said that any injuries to Zimmerman, if any existed
at all, could have been manufactured after the fact. The headline of our
editorial was very clear: "Don't Believe A Word
Zimmerman And Sanford Police Say In Trayvon Martin Killing."

Now the ABC video may actually support the position we took in our editorial.  The
evidence is beginning to confirm our fears: That the Sanford Police may
have been involved in a coverup, possibly in coordination with George

There is also another very powerful piece of
incriminating information. The so-called "police report" purportedly
made on the night of Martin's killing has his full name and age and
dedacted address. Yet, earlier reports suggest that the police listed him
as a "John Doe" for three days.  Both stories can't be true. If he was a John Doe does
this mean the "police report" was manufactured after the fact?

The possible cover-up, if confirmed is even worse than the crime--the shooting death of Trayvon Martin-- and warrants a review of how Sanford Police has dealt with all previous cases when African Americans have been the victims of criminal attacks.

How can the public have confidence in this police force? The
U.S. must take complete control of the Sanford Police Department.
Zimmerman may not be the only suspect in this killing after all. We need to hear
about the Department of Justice's plans.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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