Ain’t No Stopping Him Now

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[Column: On The Spot]

There are things in this world, men or women will never be able to control and that is time. 

The seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years will continue to change as was witnessed in Iowa last night.  It was a different kind of change last night.  A change this country has not seen in many decades, because last night real people smelled, touched and felt change – and it felt damn good.  Fear was nowhere to be found last night.

There were no messages being sent. I did not see one U.S. postal truck or UPS or Fed-ex anywhere. The voters were clear—letting those who think they can continue to buy America know that not everything is for sale.

Few predicted what was going to happen last night. True candidates came out on top. Now we know change is not going to be enough to bring us all together we are going to have to depend on hope and maybe even the wish factor before it is all over.

As Senator Barack Obama (D) and Mike Huckabee (R) each head toward their next stop in New Hampshire with one notch on their belt, it’s beginning to look like a presidential race after all. Obama, out of all the candidates, has uniqueness about him. He has both Black and White parents – People can concentrate on his message and policies.

The media have already shuffled its steps because they are still out of step with the American people.  It was clear which candidates were going to be interviewed after the debates last night. But, it not going to be how much money the next president can raise, it is going to be what the next president is saying. “We are not just blue states and red states, we are the United States.” Sounds familiar? This is something we have not heard in a long time; welcome to America.

It is going to be interesting to watch if anyone in the Democratic Party defects after New Hampshire when Obama wins again. But, the Democrats to watch are the Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Calvin Butts and Rev. Floyd Flake to see how long they will continue to hold out while, “History,” is in the making.

This isn’t a game. The American peoples are really serious about getting their country back, by way of the White House. When America gets its act together – the whole world will too; acting as United Nations.

Next stop - New Hampshire.

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