Alleged Brutal Sodomy: Sadistic Cops Within NYPD

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[Speaking Truth To Power]

Is the spirit of police officer Justin Volpe still alive in the NYPD? The answer to that question can, probably, be found in the case of Ralph Johnson.

In a civil suit filed in Manhattan Federal Court, Mr. Johnson, 40, claims he was sodomized in 2004, by NYPD cops. Johnson said, at that time, he didn’t pursue charges due to NYPD intimidation.

On Aug. 27, 2004, NYPD was called to the Bronx apartment where Johnson lived after neighbors complained Johnson’s then girlfriend, teacher Alison Bongo, was screaming outside his locked apartment. Mr. Johnson and Ms. Bongo were involved in a domestic dispute. Mr. Johnson had apparently spoken to another woman, that night, while they were at a Manhattan nightclub, which upset Ms. Bongo.

An argument escalated when Ms. Bongo confronted him with a bank statement regarding a hotel room charge. “I tried to talk to him about it and he wouldn’t listen,” she said. After a continued argument—where Ms. Bongo admits she was
breaking and throwing things around—Mr. Johnson locked her out of the apartment. She started yelling, outside, which aroused neighbors. Then NYPD came.

Bongo stated about six officers showed up, around midnight. She told them what happened and said she wanted some clothes from inside the apartment. She
proceeded to give them her keys to the apartment. Ms. Bongo testified the cops
broke the door in—because they were having trouble opening it with the keys.
 Johnson said he was startled when the cops broke in. "I didn't know what to
do," he said. "I just froze." Johnson, who was sitting on his couch, said NYPD
started “kicking and punching me. They threw me on the ground, face first,"
adding "When I was face down ... my legs were held and I felt a sharp jabbing
pain into my rectum.” He said NYPD then dragged him from his home, while he
“screamed out” for his girlfriend. At the police station, Johnson said one
officer warned him of claiming that he was sodomized saying "the last time this
was true was Abner Louima and you're not Louima."

Not surprisingly, the NYPD is spinning a different tale. They complain Johnson
knew they were outside but refused to let them in. They’re also upset that—after
they broke into Johnson’s home—he, allegedly, refused to show his hands and get
up from the couch. Mendaciously, they maintain they only used the retractable
baton so they could handcuff him.
But the evidence says the NYPD, once again, are lying. First of all, a doctor
testified Johnson had bruises and blood "consistent with what he said happened
to him." Moreover, a retractable baton—like the one used to sodomize Michael
Mineo, in 2008, in Brooklyn—tested positive for Mr. Johnson’s DNA. And a pair of
Mr. Johnson’s jeans with a hole in it was also submitted into evidence.
There are other serious red flags here—pointing to the guilt of these sodomites
in Blue. Ms. Bongo testified one officer “asked me if there was any reason a
video camera would be set up” in the apartment. If there was no NYPD wrongdoing,
why would the officer be worried about a camera? Also, why is Manhattan Federal
Judge Kevin Kastel pushing for the City to settle with Mr. Johnson, if the
NYPDisn’t guilty?
This case illustrates the sadism we saw in the 1997 Abner Louma Case still
lingers in the NYPD. In that case, Officer Justin Volpe sodomized Abner Louima
in the bathroom of Brooklyn’s 70 Precinct with a plunger. Apparently, the
retractable baton is now the instrument of choice, as we saw in the 2008 Michael
Mineo Case.

In that outrage, Mr. Mineo was sodomized at the Park Slope Train Station in
Brooklyn. As in this case, Mr. Mineo’s DNA was found on the baton and a doctor’s
testimony backed the story of Mr. Mineo. And, NYPD Officer Kevin Maloney
testified he witnessed Mr. Mineo being sodomized. But a miscarriage of justice
was perpetrated when Officer Richard Kern was acquitted in spite of that
evidence. Mr. Mineo’s civil case is ongoing.
Some will say these are only isolated incidents. But how are we to know for
sure? Unfortunately, the NYPD and corporate media have ignored these outrages.

Around April, 1994, star reporter and trailblazing columnist Earl Caldwell tried
to shine light into this dark closet of horrors. Caldwell, now a journalism
professor at Hampton  University, discovered a shocking emerging story: several
Haitian cab drivers stated they were sodomized by an NYPD officer. Caldwell’s
editors, at the New York Daily News, killed and buried that story and the crimes
of the officer. The NYPD brass still protects these brutes.
How much more of these atrocities will we tolerate? Is the NYPD telling us
because Mr. Johnson didn’t answer his door this gave them the right to break it
down? How in the hell does a man get sodomized, in his home, by cops answering a
domestic dispute?

These violations will continue until we stand up strong and demand transparency
and self-determination from those implementing crime policies in our
communities. Isn’t it time we shake up City Hall and make them know we’ve had

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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