Alliance Boosts Black Businesses

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(FSN) In the 1980’s, Americans were mortified as they witnessed visions of problems that festered in their country’s inner-city communities.  With their television screens filled with gang violence and the growing crack epidemic, veils were being removed from their eyes forcing them to see situations that had been long ignored. They realized that the children living in these communities were trapped in an American war zone. From that point forward, many organizations emerged to lend assistance to these children, helping to fill the void of opportunities in their lives. 

Out of these conditions was born the International Capital Funding Associates (ICFA).  Rev. Medgar L. Reid, a member and consultant for the Sandiford Group, founded ICFA in Baltimore, Maryland. ICFA is a financial services company focused on providing loans and business advisory strategies for responsible, minority owned and inner-city companies in the United States and around the globe.  It serves as a funding conduit having access to over three hundred, fifty-nine billion dollars ($359,000,000,000.00) provided through its international partners.  The ICFA’s partners have helped many minorities start their own businesses and offer opportunities to a community so desperately in need. 

In August 2005, Reid’s company ICFA established a strategic alliance with the C. Whitney Group of Baltimore, Maryland. The C. Whitney Group provides capacity building technical assistance consulting to institutional, faith-based and community organizations helping to ensure profitability for their organizations.  “We are very happy to have formed an alliance with the C. Whitney Group,â€? states Reid.  “Under its leadership of Rev. Chester France, we feel strongly that this synergistic effort will benefit many organizations by providing more than just funds, but affordable and reliable technical assistance as well.â€?

The alliance between ICFA and the C. Whitney Group promises to provide many more opportunities for under-privileged individuals.  Furthermore, it will provide assistance to many organizations that are promoting positive growth in inner-city communities. 

P.A. Advisors, a partner in ICFA, funded over $900 million in support of innovative business ideas in just the first nine months of 2005.  Additional partner, Commerce Funding, has maintained its capital by working with many of the United States’ top 100 federal contractors and subcontractors.  Furthermore, the group is very well established and represented in Washington, D.C.  ICFA and C. Whitney have aligned themselves with Habsburg, Russell, Sandiford, Taft, Wellington & Associates, Metatron Keter Network, The Activo Group, which are some of the most powerful lobbyist groups on Capitol Hill.

When Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast this fall, this collaborative group stepped into action.  The ICFA and the C. Whitney Group are providing assistance to the displaced evacuees and the businesses of the area that were victimized by the storm.  The collaborative group is also working directly with contractors all over the Gulf Coast region. “The community needs resources and this alliance helps us to provide it,â€? declares Reid. “Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate and doing so gives me a gratifying feeling.â€?

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