America: Another Giant Leap For Mankind

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[Election 2008]


Today the world wakes up to a new era.

An African American has for the first time ever been elected to the highest office in the land – to serve his people as President of the United States. What is even more remarkable is the entire journey from a small town of an African nation – to a small Island of Hawaii – then to Chicago in mainland America.

Blacks poured in droves to vote for Senator Obama, which was admirable, but in the end it was the White votes from those brave ones who chose hope over fears, unity over division, love over hate - that did it for Barack.

The task in hand is now to prove the critics wrong and ensure that those who threw everything on the roulette walk away with a winning.

Senator Obama ran a perfect campaign, starting off with no money and accusations of being untested. Yet he managed to transform these negatives into assets; the lack of money meant he had to draw on all his skills to reach out to grassroots Americans, Blacks and Whites alike – recall he had already gone on record criticizing the lobbyists and corporate politics in Washington.

He was accused of lacking experience, ironically, at a time when the "experienced" operators had already let down the American people. This charge of inexperience against Obama backfired and created a mood of defiance amongst young supporters who responded with "Yes We Can" and went on to form constituency communities that did not simply follow the election process, but ran it and took ownership.

These communities will now "follow" President Obama to the White House and American politics will never be the same.

Senator Obama dug deep, real deep to try to prove himself worthy of the highest office – and in the process won the admiration of both friends and foes alike, who last night rewarded him massively with their votes. It was concrete proof that an African American can be trusted on important issues like the economy, national security and foreign policy.

Welcome, Mr. President. It has taken a long time for this day to come; but the waiting has been worth it.

Congratulations Barack Obama.

Allimadi writes for The Black Star News from London

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