Americans Back Obama; Repudiate Limbaugh’s Army

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[Black Star Publisher’s Commentary]

Americans have resoundingly rejected Rush Limbaugh and scores of Republican doom advocates such as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Republican Tom Delay and every Republican who voted against President Barack Obama’s stimulus Bill.

In a stunning rebuke to the unpatriotic advocates of doom, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC Poll finds president Obama enjoying a record 67% "more hopeful" figure when people were asked to express their views about the president’s "leadership and plans."

The Journal’s finding don’t surprise us at The Black Star News; we have been informing the public for months that the Republicans were misguided in obstructing the president’s attempts to rescue this economy from the depths to which it’s descended as a result of two inept-presidential terms.

In addition to the $787 million stimulus Bill, the president has proposed a $3.6 trillion budget with ambitious plans to overhaul the nation’s healthcare, education system, and energy production and consumption pattern with focus on green power.

Meanwhile, in what must come as the ultimate denunciation of the last eight years of Republican rule, in the White House and in the Congress, 84% of those surveyed say "Obama inherited the current situation." In fact, Americans expect the George Bush recession to continue and 76% say the economy still "has a ways to go" before it "reached a bottom."

Even then, top Republican leaders, including House Minority Leader John Boehner (R., Ohio) are still praying for doom. "Everyone knows that the president remains popular," he told The Wall Street Journal, "but let’s be honest: The solutions Democrats are pushing are not."

Thirty-one percent of those surveyed expect the president’s stimulus package to start helping the economy within the next 12 months while 37% expect to see some positive results after two to four years.

Evidently, Americans are much more savvy and aren’t agreeing with Limbaugh’s well-publicized desire for President Obama to "fail."

"The American people trust him and like him," Rahm Emanuel, White House chief of staff, said of the president.

Forty-one percent of those surveyed believe the country is now headed in the "right direction" as opposed to only 12% during the last months of the Bush Administration.

"We can’t keep looking at this as something that’s going to fail," Helen Ann Griffith, a 75-year-old retired school cook, told The Wall Street Journal. "You have to look at the bright side and see the proverbial silver lining to the cloud."

Moreover, reported The Wall Street Journal, "opposition Republicans are getting drubbed in public opinion."

Limbaugh pronounced Obama’s legacy a "failure" even before the president was sworn in. Most Republicans, emerging dazed from their November electoral defeat, followed suit, and bowed to Limbaugh. Recently, when Michael Steele, the nominal leader of the Republican Party as RNC chief called Limbaugh an "entertainer," Limbaugh retaliated by telling Steele to return to the "background."

Steele quickly apologized, and the unelected Limbaugh, who preaches failure for the country’s plans to emerge from economic malaise on his daily radio show, has now seized total control of the party in in a coup d'etat.

Americans are more optimistic and have confidence in a president who is taking the challenges head-on. Many are even willing to give him more time, as the survey found. "I think he has a big head and thinks he can get all this stuff done in a short amount of time and it’s going to take a lot longer."

Others say the would give the president at least a year, not the two weeks Republican leaders did before launching their attacks and obstructionism.

"I think six to 12 months should show people if his ideas are working, that’s the time frame I’m giving him before I start bashing him," Richard Kessler, a 56-year-old mechanic told The Journal.

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