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[Policing Wall Street]

It appears that Andrew Cuomo, New York State Attorney General, is treating the bribery scandal involving Hank Morris by the boys of Wall Street as another Teapot Dome scandal. 

In 1922 Albert B. Fall, Secretary of the Interior under President Warren Harding, accepted a bribe from Harry Sinclair, Chairman of Mammoth Oil, so that Sinclair could pump oil from government- owned oil fields at Teapot Dome in Wyoming.

Eventually, Fall was sentenced to prison. Sinclair was found innocent of offering a bribe, but was sentenced to prison for contempt of the Senate and for jury tampering.

Cuomo, with his eye on the prize of Governor of the New York State, is seeking a settlement with Steven Rattner, former Chairman of Quadrangle Group and more recently former Car Tsar for President Barrack Obama. 

Cuomo does not want to endanger his fundraising by indicting a leading fundraiser for the Democrat Party.  So Cuomo wants to settle with Rattner.

Cuomo won’t even initiate a civil lawsuit against Rattner. Cuomo is seeking an arrangement like he did with Carlyle--a lot of hot air, $20 million payment, and no substance. 

Oh, and Carlyle, or in this instance Quadrangle, continues to manage New York State pension money, retaining 20% of the profits.

Rattner paid Hank Morris, a political insider, $1.1 million, as a go-between to get New York to allocate some of its funds to be managed by Quadrangle.  Cuomo also said Rattner invested in “Chooch” a movie produced by the brother of David Loglisci, a New York State employee. This was also another way of obtaining money from the New York State pension funds to be managed by Rattner’s firm. That’s bribery.

It appears that Cuomo is merely seeking favorable press while the taxpayers of New York State are cheated and the pension funds are depleted.

Governor Cuomo? Nay. I would not trust Cuomo as chief dogcatcher. He would probably sell the dogs for medical research and defend his actions by boasting of the money that he collected by selling the dogs.  Just as he issues proclamations about the money he has recovered—a pittance compared to the sums stolen.

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