Animating Toys’ Demand Soars

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According to the Toy Industry Association, Americans spent $1.3 billion on plush toys in just the past year. This type of toy also consistently makes the top list each holiday as one of the most popular gifts. Now, that segment of the market is about to get a major overhaul and those sales could end up seeing an increase in the coming year. No longer are plush toys sitting idly on a shelf; rather, they are dancing and singing for their audience, essentially coming alive to entertain and amuse consumers.

“With the love for stuffed animals in the consumer market, we saw a need for a more unique type of product that would entertain people of all ages,� says Bryan Mills, chief executive officer of MILLS, Inc., located in Newbury Park, Calif., (, a company that manufactures animated products. “Our animated creations each have a personality of their own, making it a great opportunity for people to find that special gift for someone.�

MILLS is a company that is paving the way to help the plush toy gift market to evolve by using advanced technology. They have taken the traditional plush character and expanded on that vision by giving it a distinct personality. Each unique creation is all-inclusive, in that it is animated and plays a song matched to the character.

“We have already seen a great response to our creations,� explains Mills. “Our Gondolomio creation has been a big hit nationwide, including direct markets such as the Venetian Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. People fall in love with the gondola rides they have there, and then they see Gondolomio, which makes a perfect keepsake from the experience.�

Plush characters like the Gondolomio look as if they are guiding a gondola down the river; it even moves, and sings “O Sole Mio,� using synchronized mouth-moving animation. Another design that consumers are scrambling to get their hands on is the Boot-Scootin Billie, a cowboy horse that strums his guitar, scoots around and sings “Boot-Scootin’ Boogie.�

“So far, the demand for our MILLS-brand creations has been wonderful,â€? adds Mills. “The question for years has been, where is the plush market moving to next?  And it is safe to say that answer is definitely MILLS.â€?

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