Another Mad Gun Killer--Where Is Surge America Needs?

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[Black Star News Editorial]

They say he shot her seven times, execution style, and murdered her.

He had apparently harbored resentment for these last two years, since their paths crossed at a summer class at New York University. Perhaps romance was spurned?

It's not clear what his calling in life was; aimless, according to some news reports. She, on the other hand, was an intellectual, a student at Wesleyan, the reputable small liberal arts college in Middletown, Conn.

As far as is known, she did not own or carry a gun; certainly not a hand gun.

On that afternoon, he stormed into the cafe where she worked on campus, holding the gun, and soon donning a wig, before killing her. She was defenseless. Perhaps he was a deranged man. And he had a gun. And a thing or two against Jews as well, according to news accounts.

And so, Stephen P. Morgan, 29, drifter, killed Johanna Justin-Jinich, 21, book worm. Then the coward fled.

Every time such a senseless killing occurs, gun advocates are quick to chime, "Guns don't kill." Well, a gun killed Justin-Jinich.

Gun advocates will argue that in this case, Morgan would have found another way to murder Justin-Jinich anyway.

He might have strangled her, they may argue; he might have run her over with his car; he might have stalked her and then bashed her head with a baseball bat; he might have pummeled the back of her skull with a brick; or cracked her skull with an iron bar; or he might have stabbed her viciously in the heart; or perhaps he might have even slit her throat.

He preferred a gun.

As have many other recent killers, such as the mad shooter in Binghamton, New York; or at Virginia Tech. In all these cases, a gun was the weapon of choice.

A gun is efficient. Once the bullet is let loose, the victim is in no position to resist. It is relatively fast. Its results very final--especially when someone fires seven bullets into a person at point blank range, as in the case with Morgan against Justin-Jinich.

It was a hand gun of course in Morgan's case. Not a hunting rifle; not a shot gun; nothing that anyone can argue is designed to protect a home and a family against intruders, potential burglars, potential rapists.

A hand gun, when not in the hands of law enforcement, is very efficient and convenient for committing murders. Consider that they are sometimes even dangerous in the hands of trigger-happy police officers that discharge recklessly, with murderous consequences; and these are trained individuals.

So imagine a powerful hand gun, in the hands of ordinary citizens; easily acquired. Including by Morgan, to madly murder Justin-Jinich.

Something needs to be done before it's too late. Something must be done to save this nation.

Iraq has been the beneficiary of a U.S. led surge to tame gun violence and Afghanistan is about to benefit from a surge.

If a surge is good to preserve the lives of people overseas how about one right here for Americans?

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