Arrested And Fired HBCU Professor Was Admonished For "Teaching Too Black" He Says

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Intro: As many ready recall The Black Star News recently ran an article about a Black college professor who says he's been rail-roaded after he backed a protest by Black students at his HBCU; the professor, Dr. Jahi Issa, previously complained that retiring Black professors were being replaced by White ones at the HBCU (see article).

Dr. Issa needs your support.

It makes no difference if you are Black or not, if you see the point. Don’t get side-tracked; our people’s future is in your hands.

Floods of messages from you and your contacts to:
1. (their name). Email them at:
Subject line: Follow-up - Dr. Jahi Issa (Delaware State University) (ticket #152425). In your own words tell them to put this issue on their blast and get the groups of people activated by righteous causes ON THIS. They did it with the Jena 7 and other issues. They can do it with this!

>>This is an issue with long-range impact to this man and his family; he is being isolated, vilified (criminalized), loss of Higher education in traditionally Black institutions of higher learning (HBCUs) is critical with the Black Community and we thank Dr. Issa for bringing the issues he sees and knows about as an observer, researcher and teacher to our attention.
>>We want a series of policy-level forums with Dr. Issa’s active and central participation called on regional and national bases for the discussion and determination of federal support and resources including money to HBCU addressing the findings of Dr. Issa.

>>Keeping HCBUs Black in staffing, Black issues/interests and developments in focus and serving Black students with their work and the totality of their resources.

>>STOP the pilfering and manipulation of these institutions away from their mandated purpose and their mandated focus to serve and education the Black Community. Let’s not play with that. We have few and they have ALL the rest!

2. Floods of messages via emails, letters, telegrams, phone calls to:
Reinstate Dr. Issa to his teaching position bringing current all compensation associated with his position
President Dr. Harry L. Williams, Delaware State University, 1200 N. DuPont Highway, Dover, DE 19901. Direct line: 302-857-6061
Drop all criminal charges against him
Delaware Attorney General Joseph “Beau” Biden III, (yes, that Vice-President Biden’s son doing this!) Delaware Department of Justice, Carvel State Office Building |820 North French Street | Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone: 302-577-8500. His email address: Attorney.General@State.DE.US Fax: 302-577-2496 and 302-577-8400.

3. Contribute financially. You can do it today here. The only authorized collector of funds for the defense committee is Dr. Issa, himself. Please be alert on this. There are only two (2) ways to give your financial contribution to the fund: in person to Dr. Issa and on-line to PayPal. Go to the webpage: HBCU Institute. Org. then go to Dr. Jahi Issa Legal Defense Fund (“JILDF”)and follow the prompt. You can also mail your contribution to: JILDF, 1300 South Farmview Dr. Suite 13, Dover, DE 19904.

4. Join us in organizing events to spread the word. We are looking to churches, schools, homes, clubs and wherever people gather. Let’s put something on their minds. Let’s engage young people in saving their own educational systems now and in the future. You may contact the organizing group at

Jahi Issa Legal Defense Fund

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