Au Revoir Monsieur Sarkozy--Libya Warmonger

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If Sarkozy does not speak for France, who does he speak for?
What gives him political or moral ground to bombard another country beyond vindictiveness?

[Black Star News Editorial]

Turns out that even killing Muammar al-Quathafi or installing the Benghazi rebels in power won't rescue Nicholas Sarkozy's political neck, a new French poll and last Sunday's local elections show.

Sarkozy had been adamant about securing a no-fly zone in Libya. It turns out it was his pretext for regime change and oil grab. Before the ink had dried on Resolution 1973, while meeting with his American and European partners in Paris to discuss details, Sarkozy had already ordered strikes by the French airforce against al-Quathafi's army, it was later revealed.

This was naked, crude, ugly politics by Sarkozy. Polls showed in France that Sarkozy trailed Marine Le Pen, leader of the far right anti-immigrant party, the National Front, by 23% to 21%. Heroism in North Africa, Sarkozy reckoned, would save his political life. So what if some Libyans died in the process? Vive La France. Vive Sarkozy.

Here's the irony of the French political landscape. Sarkozy's own party had drifted rightwards, becoming more anti-immigrants, anti-Islam, and anti-north Africans. At the same time, he's still trying to convince the world to believe his claim that he is out to rescue North Africans in Libya from massacres. Hate them in France; love them in Libya.

Sarkozy may have to go to the drawing board for Plan "B." The French voters have rejected Plan "A." Sarkozy's party lost in the French local elections, trailing behind the Socialist Party. Polls show Sarkozy may not even make it to the second round of presidential elections next year. Itmight be a contest between the Socialist Party's Martine Aubry and the National Front's Le Pen.

Sarkozy has no legitimacy in France. What gives him political or moral ground to bombard another country beyond vindictiveness? If he does not speak for France, who does he speak for? Individuals can't just order bombings of other countries because they "can." Will this sobering news cause Sarkozy to reflect upon the folly and futility of his war mongering on Libya?

Sarkozy has rejected attempts by the African Union (AU) to mediate. Five African presidents, including South Africa's Jacob Zuma, were prevented from traveling to Tripoli  to broker talks between al-Quathafi and Benghazi. Instead Sarkozy convinced President Obama into joining the French Folly, creating a potential U.S. campaign issue next year where non would have existed on this front.

Politically speaking Sarkozy may be history. His party is torn between those who want to continue bashing Islam and immigrants and those who want a level headed approach.

Au revoir Monsieur Sarkozy; warmonger extraordinaire.

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