Barack Obama For President

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The United States needs a president who will bring the nation together at a time of unprecedented challenges.

I believe Barack Obama is the best candidate to provide the visionary leadership that we need in this country. We need a president who can unite people from all backgrounds, regardless of race, creed or color, regardless of occupation, income and education, regardless of whether they live in red states or blue states.

We need a president who will give us hope, who will inspire the American people, especially young people and those who have given up on the system, to believe that we can make a difference by working together. We need a president who will lead us as we face the challenges of providing health care for all Americans and reinvigorating the economy so that all will share in its benefits, not just the very richest.

We need a president who will lead the effort to protect the planet from global warming and from polluted air and water.

We need a president who will strive to secure energy independence so that we are no longer dependent on imported oil from dictatorships. We need a president who will enable us to withdraw from the disastrous war in Iraq in an honorable way.

We need a president who will restore America’s tattered image abroad and who will provide global leadership on a host of issues, including the fight against terrorism, the spread of nuclear weapons, the ravages of disease, and the desperate poverty that affects billions of people in developing nations.

We need a president who will respect the Constitution and who will appoint judges who share that conviction.

It will not be easy for any president to tackle these enormous challenges and to undo the disastrous effects of the Bush administration. But we as a nation and as citizens of the world will have a better chance of success if America is united, not divided.

Barack Obama has the ability to provide the inspired leadership that will bring us together as a nation.

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