Benghazi "Rebels" Lynching Blacks In Libya

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Watch this linked
 video  of an anti-Black lynch mob and you will understand why The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, the BBC and other major news organizations --all these media organizations publish mostly pro-"rebel" stories-- have never followed up on The Wall Street Journal's June 21 article about ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans in Misurata by the "Brigade for the purging of slaves, Black Skin."

That Brigade, of Libya's so-called rebels, backed by NATO and the White House, eliminated the Black population of Misurata and promised to do the same to Black Libyans once they seized control of the city of Tawergha, 25 miles away.

Major news outlets are deliberately ignoring or downplaying the racialist-motivated atrocities against Black people being committed by the terroristic "rebels." If such crimes were being committed against White people, NATO would be bombing these so-called rebels instead. No wonder the African Union, often divided on issues, have taken a common stand on Libya and pushing for a peace proposal --ceasefire, constitution and elections-- rather than allowing vengeful and blood-thirsty Benghazi to prevail in Libya.

On August 13, there will be a major demonstration and march in Harlem, starting at 10 AM at 110 Street and Malcolm X Boulevard to protest the U.S. involvement in NATO's war of aggression against Libya.
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