Bill Bennett’s “Final� Solution

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Typical, typical, typical; we should be used to this by now. A so-called somebody airing their racist views in a way that attempts to conceal the fact
that he's a bigot. He will argue that what he was saying wasn’t racist because it's true. The problem that sensible people have is that to be honest it does hold some truth.

It's an undeniable fact that Black people commit so-called crimes disproportionately, so it does follow that to eradicate the ghetto populous would lead to a reduction in the so-called crime rate. However I think that one thing that needs to be pointed out is that the proposed action would actually increase the crime rate to astronomical proportions because you would need to add to that number the millions of murders that would have been
committed—last time I looked genocide was a crime, but we will come back to this.

But the point that what William Bennett's saying has some truth to it doesn’t make it any less of a completely racist statement. Firstly, we are all aware that class has more to do with so-called crime than race. A much higher percentage of Black people are poor. So, Mr. KKK could easily have said aborting poor people, or poor White trash –that are actually responsible for more crime than we—but no, he chose to focus on Blacks, which shows that he clearly equates Black skin to crime. That sounds a tad racist to my ears. Also the fact that he thought saying anything about aborting Black babies was even remotely acceptable shows his judgment is clearly racially impaired. Then let’s take this comment he makes about his proposal, that following through would be “impossible, ridiculous and morally reprehensible.�

“Impossible� is first! His first concern is with the logistics of it! So if it were possible we should then do it? Next is “ridiculous,� this needs some examination as I can think of more appropriate adjectives than ridiculous to describe genocide, and lastly “morally reprehensible.� Morally reprehensible!!!?? Is he for real? Lying to your parents is morally reprehensible; swearing at an elderly person is morally reprehensible, whereas even the suggestion of aborting all Black children is “shocking,� “appalling,� “sickening,� “disgusting,� “dreadful,� “gut wrenching� and not to mention the thoughts of a GENOCIDAL maniac!

This guy is a total complete racist; the problem is that he'll get away with it because he was just innocently pointing something out. It is a message that will resonate well with the Conservative majority. The point he misses is that so-called crime has nothing to do with skin color. Black people pad the so-called crime rate because Black people pad the poverty statistics. The endemically racist society that we live in is the very reason for the so-called criminality in the Black community. But something else that must be pointed out is that we actually don’t commit that many real crimes.  The so-called crime rate measures crimes against the laws made by the ruling class. Yes a disproportionate amount of Black people break these rules, but that is because a disproportionate amount of Black people tend to be poor. The fact is that the majority of laws are made to protect the property of people who have it, so poor people commit more thefts, robberies, etc., which make up most of the so-called crimes.

Then we look at crimes relating to hustling and prostitution, people trying to make a living, selling drugs. Obviously not all these crimes are defendable if poor people do them, but they are understandable and a direct result of the real crimes that have been perpetuated against the poor and particularly the Black. Are genocide and slavery not crimes? Is the denial of human rights for hundreds of years not a crime? Is pumping our communities with cheap drugs not a crime? It is as a result of all these that we pad the so-called crime rate.

We wouldn't even be in this country to commit these offences were it not for perhaps the greatest crime ever committed by the human race! A lot of the so-called crime in the Black community is related to the drugs that were pumped into the community, by somewhat ironically the Reagan administration, I believe. The truth of the matter is that we have been placed at the bottom of society to pad the so-called crime rate, whilst the real
criminals go free. Iraq is utterly illegal! Israel is in contravention of countless international laws! Our communities continue to be ghettoized!

White-collar criminals do more harm than anyone by stealing millions and killing thousands by cutting corners on safety to make more money! We are not the real criminals, it is jokers like this clown who perpetuate one of the biggest crimes—that of systemized, racial oppression!

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