Black Progress; The Seeds Within

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It’s been 150 years since the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, and 48 years since winning Civil Rights; yet African Americans continue to live in a constant state of disenfranchisement.

The infrastructure of Black America is weak, and it is imperative that we focus on building the infrastructure over the next five years. If we fail to build a Black economic base that serves the needs of Blacks on an international scale we will ultimately see ourselves marginalized and pushed out of the social structure completely.

The focal point of Blacks should be on establishing our independence so that we can become interdependent within this multicultural nation, and function within the global market. Education should be the top priority as should agriculture, healthcare, trade and commerce, goods and services, and land ownership and development. Unity is the key, because without unity we will remain vulnerable to outside interests, who have historically used our manpower to build their empires, and advance their agendas.

As it stands Blacks are the number one consumers in the world, and producers of less than 3% of the goods produced worldwide. We must commit to using our resources to address issues that directly affect us. If this is not done, the coming generations of Blacks will inherit the same plight and disparities that previous generations had to deal with.

Black Sports figures, entertainers, religious leaders, politicians and professionals all have an obligation to help in developing Black America. These are the most resourced members of our population in terms of finance, talent, intellect and skills.

It is a consistent characteristic of other well functioning communities that their most-resourced members play a major part in contributing to their development; it should be the same way within our communities as well.

These members must live up to their responsibilities in order for us to advance. We can’t continue to look for others to save us; we must do what’s necessary to save ourselves.

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