Black Star Wrong On Duke Case

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Re: Your Editorial "Duke & Nappy Headed Hos," (, April 11, 2007). How many times have you written and asked that a Black man accused of this type of crime with this type of evidence be put in front of a jury of his peers to be exonerated?

If it weren't so serious it would be laughable that you would say let the jury decide. The ideal of the police and prosecutors office is that they take account of the evidence and before it gets in front of a jury they make the smart decision to drop the case if the evidence warrants or go forward with the case if the evidence warrants.

For far too long we, as Brown people, have been victims of the exact idea that you suggest happen. We have been dragged in front of juries with weak evidence, convicted of crimes we haven't committed and languished in prison as life passed away.

What do you say to those individuals? How do you justify your comments that juries are the best places to allow for the fair exoneration of the innocent? We know the legal system is broken and has been. Do you think Martin Luther King was given fair treatment in front of juries? 

What about the Scottsboro Case ? What about the countless others who have lost their freedom because someone said "let the jury decide what happened." No, you're right—that woman was not there to discuss Plato but as the evidence shows those young men were not there to attack anyone.

Those women were there to do their job, which I don't support and those men were there to watch them which I think is wrong to exploit women. But do we give the Sister a free ride? If it had been a white woman with the same type of evidence against your son, nephew, brother, father, or cousin you would be up in arms. Every article you write would be assailing the treatment your family member was receiving. Would you still be asking for the jury to decide? Would you be writing "let me spend all this money so the jury can tell us what we already know?"

We as Brown people need to not be hypocrites, we need to say "hey this is not good for it to happen to us and we will show we mean this because we don't believe it should happen to anyone."

The Attorney General did not fear anything. He did what should happen for many brothers and sisters
all across the country. He dismissed a broken case that was full of lies and absent of evidence.

Publisher's Note: Our editorial speaks for itself.

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