Book: The Sweet Spot

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So you return home from a long day at work, and you flick on the TV to catch one of those scandal shows. This famous star is getting divorced, that one is having a baby, another one supposedly found her husband with another woman. Can you believe this stuff?

Zoë Andrews wondered the same thing, and in the new novel “The Sweet Spotâ€? by Kayla Perrin, Zoë is hired to get the real dirt on an unbelievably good-looking football star. When Zoë Andrews was a little girl in Cleveland, all she ever wanted to do was grow up to be a sportscaster. Football was Zoë’s passion, and L.A. was the place she wanted to be. Shortly after her sister stole her boyfriend, Zoë decided enough was enough. She packed up, left Cleveland, and headed for TinselTown, fame, and fortune. That was the plan, anyhow. 

And now, Zoë’s almost 30 years old and she still works at LASN, the Los Angeles Sports Network. It hasn’t made her famous. There’s hardly any fortune in the job. Zoë knows she needs to do something drastic, so when she has a chance to tackle the Story of a Lifetime, she rushes forward against company policy.

Gorgeous Kahari Brown is one of the Oakland Raider’s biggest stars and one of the NFL’s nicest men. Kahari works with underprivileged kids and he’s generous with his time and his money. Kahari is respected and responsible. Or is he? Single mother Estela Rivera claims that Kahari is her son’s father.  Kahari denies it. In front of national camera, Zoë asks Kahari about the scandal and instead of making her goal, she loses her job because of her impulsiveness.

The very next morning, Zoë catches a break and a new job is thrown in her lap.  True Story, a national TV gossip program, hires her for an exorbitant amount of money, and Zoë finally gets the fame and fortune she always wanted. Then she learns that her first assignment is to get to the bottom of the Brown/ Rivera scandal. Getting close to Estela Rivera is easy. Getting close to handsome Kahari Brown is easy, too. Almost too easy.

Are you looking for something heavy and meaningful to read this summer? You won’t find it here. Fluffy as cotton candy and shallow as a puddle after a rainstorm, “The Sweet Spot� is an easy read with plenty of fun between the covers. Author Kayla Perrin admits to being a football fan, and she says she loves to write about hunky players in her books, this one included. Zoë is scatterbrained (which I loved), Kahari is too good to be true (which I loved) and even the nasty people in this book are likeable enough to hold your interest.

Be aware that there are a couple of semi-steamy scenes in this book, but they’re not yards long or out of place in the story. If you’re looking for a light beach read or a weekend’s diversion, though, “The Sweet Spot� will score high.

The Sweet Spot. Author: Kayla Perrin. c.2006, Avon Trade. $12.95 paperback
292 pages, plus note from the author.

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