Boycott Donald Punk

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Donald Trump is a racist of the highest order.

After President Barack Obama knocked him silly and exposed his stupidity before the entire world by publishing his birth certificate to prove that he was indeed an American citizen, Trump said: "I'm really honored and I am proud that I was able to do something that no one else was able to do."

He also said he would wait for investigators to confirm that the certificate of live birth was authentic and not a forgery. His next campaign will likely be for Obama to prove that he's not a Muslim.

Why hasn't someone never asked Trump to prove that he's not a pedophile since he host and promotes beauty paegents with scantily clothed young girls?

President Obama had ignored the malicious campaign to discredit and undermine his presidency by the so-called "birthers" which started even before he was sworn into office. It was generally perceived as an issue that resonated only among the lunatic fringe and racists who just couldn't accept the fact that a Black man had emerged as the best candidate for president in 2008.

Few knew the lunatic fringe was large and included Trump.

Yet it's certainly no surprise to many New Yorkers that Trump would belong in the racial arsonists "birther" category. Twenty-two years ago when five Black teenagers were arrested and, as it later turned out, wrongfully accused and convicted of raping a White female banker in Central Park, Trump was quick to purchase full page advertisements in the City's major dailies calling for the death of the boys.

He has never apologized for the advertisements, which he never would have published in the first place had the boys not been Black teenagers. Certainly, he would not have remained silent had they then been exonerated --as were the Black teenagers-- when the sole rapist confessed to the crime and the boys were released.

So it was no surprise when Trump took pleasure in expounding on his "investigation" --citing a descredited interview of Obama's grandmother-- that revealed that Obama was not a citizen and should not be in the White House.

The fool will similarly not apologize to the nation, to President Obama, his wife, and his two daughters.

Just think of the lunancy. That Barack Obama, knowing full well he was not a citizen of the United States, would run for the highest office and even take the risk that a brilliant investigator like Donald Trump might one day expose his fraud, forcing him to resign in shame and to pack his bags and together with Michelle and Malia and Sacha abandon the White House.

Presumably he would then flee to exile in Kenya?

This idiocy speaks volumes about Donald Trump. It should open the eyes of those who were intoxicated by his lies and had actually considered him as a serious candidate for the White House. It also suggests that he certainly cannot be the "brilliant" businessman
he claims to be. A few years ago, he unsuccessfully sued a New York Times reporter who had written a book that concluded that Trump's "wealth" was inflated. He was in fact not a billionaire, according to the author.

Trump lives in his own fantasy land. He had been riding another fantasy --believing that he could be president of the United States when in fact he could not be elected to the New York City council.

Trump is reckless and does not care about the consequences of his racist verbal missiles; he did not care when he helped to wrongfully convict the five Black teenagers and he did not care when he spewed his hatred against President Obama.

Viewers --Black, White, Latinos and Asians-- should boycott his show "The Apprentice" to show disdain for Trump's repugnant behavior.

Please call NBC Universal at (212) 664-4444 and ask to be transferred to CEO Jeff Zucker's office to voice your outrage. Also call the show's major sponsors -- including Enterprise Rental Car Company; The Walt Disney Company; The Clorox Company; Bristol-Myers Squibb; Groupon Inc.; and Sprint-Nextel Wireless -- and again ask for each company's CEO's office and express your displeasure.

Trump's free to promote his show and his hateful and obnoxious views. The public is also free to let him and his sponsors know where it stands.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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