Britain "Declares" War On Libya

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[Black Star News Editorial]

So now the pretense about wanting to "save civilians" in Libya is over, with Britain's decision to send 20 military "advisers" to the seat of the Libyan rebellion in Benghazi. It's essentially a declaration of war by Britain.

The move is certain to excarcebate the civil war since Muammar al-Quathafi could also conceivably invite military "advisers" as well. Britain and France are completely uninterested in exploring a negotiated solution to the conflict. Benghazi rejected the recent proposal delivered by South African president Jacob Zuma and the African Union (AU) which had called for a ceasefire by both sides --not just Muammar al-Quathafi as France and Britain have been insisting-- the creation of a humanitarian relief corridoor and then political talks for a new dispensation for Libya. Benghazi has no incentive to talk so long as Britain and France are inclined towards the military option, regardless of the cost.

Britain and France favor continuation of warfare in the hope that al-Quathafi can be militarily deposed. The expectation is that these two diminished European powers could then strike more favorable oil concessions through Benghazi. Libya has more than 44 billion barrels in known oil reserves and 54 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves.

Britain and France are not interested in saving the lives of Libyan civilians, otherwise they would not be advocating for more warfare. More civilians will die with continuation of war.

Britain has now openly and actively become militarily involved in the Libyan civil war as partisans. The British "advisers," essentially mercenaries on Benghazi's side, introduce a dangerous element. Tripoli could now openly invite military support from other African countries.

Just this week Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni told local media that he and other African presidents rejected foreign military intervention in Libya by Europeans and Americans without authorization by the African Union. “Africa will defeat the nascent military intervention by the West to change regimes on the continent as it did to colonization,” Museveni told local media, adding, “They should prepare for another Vietnam.”

It has been clear for several weeks now that the United Nations Resolution 1973 authorizing intervention in Libya to enforce a now-fly zone and to use any necessary means to protect civilians has been abused by Britain and France. NATO, which has been conducting the military strikes against the Libyan army has been acting as Benghazi's airforce; so much so that when Benghazi's fighters are forced to retreat from any territory, the first entity the commanders blame is NATO, for supposedly not providing sufficient air cover.

Why should other members of the Security Council, including China, India and Brazil continue to go along with this destructive farce? Why not call another meeting to review how Resolution 1973 has thus far been enforced?

This is the moment to take stock. The people of Libya --whether Pro-Tripoli or Pro-Benghazi-- deserve peace and reconciliation.
Outsiders like Britain and France prefer warfare to advance their not-so-hidden agenda.

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