Building A United States of America

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[National: Political Mobilization]

The NAACP has always worked to create a united America. And in just one day our work will culminate in Washington, DC at one of the largest rallies in decades.

The One Nation Working Together rally will unite labor, civil and human rights communities around jobs, justice and education.

These are values that unite us as a people, and by marching alongside the NAACP and our allies this weekend -- either in Washington, DC or at a local event in your community -- you will reinforce our message that the spirit of this country lives in the things that bind us together, not the divisive politics, fear-mongering and racism that works to drive us apart.

Take a moment to watch this video about the One Nation Working Together movement; then be sure to tell your friends and family: I have no doubt that the One Nation Working Together movement will grow, because so many Americans like you are ready to stop blaming and start solving the problems we face.

Together, we will put America back to work, pull America back together and keep moving forward. This march is not about liberals or conservatives, White or Black. It is about everyone in pursuit of a better country for all. We will bring together the most diverse rally in the history of the National Mall: black, Asian, Latino, white. We are miners standing shoulder to shoulder with environmental activists, native-born Americans with immigrants, faith leaders alongside small business people, union leaders, LGBT activists and veterans.

On October 2, 2010, we will come together as One Nation. Join us by sharing our video with your friends: We are One Nation Working Together: For Jobs, For Justice, For Education, For All.

Thank you for getting involved

Ben Jealous President and CEO NAACP

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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