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Where She’s From: Coco Maria was born and raised in San Bernardino, California. “Some of the most important things I learned are to put God first in your life—pray and give thanks everyday, honor your father and your mother, and never waste time or money,” she tells The Black Star News.

“My career is very much in the beginning stage,” she adds. “I just launched after having my son four months ago. I bounced right back into shape and felt it was divine so I decided to pursue modeling as a result.”

Where She’s At: “I see myself becoming an international supermodel,” the beautiful model continues. “I definitely plan to hit the high fashion industry hard with runway and commercial print modeling as my main focus. I am using this gift mainly to build a financial empire that will be able to aid developing countries, mainly Africa in fighting poverty, providing housing to orphans and medical facilities that offer free treatment.”

“Some of my challenges have mainly come from myself. If a shoot does not go well I get really hard on myself,” she says. “I am self-conscious about many features of my body and sometimes I think I weigh too much ..... I just concentrate on knowing the truth of God's word which says I am fearfully and wonderfully made and if God thinks that I am perfect the way I am then so should I.”

“This industry is not just about beauty, you must combine brainpower,” she continues. “There are many girls who are just pretty and think because they're pretty they should model. But to be successful in this business you have to have the mental strength to deal with rejection and to know how to create an edge over the competition. This goes back to what I said about working hard. There might be a girl who is not as attractive but she works harder on training and staying fit and marketing herself right so she may be getting way more work than you.”

So how does this beauty prepare to step out? “I love the brand Guess by Marciano. Everything about their clothes for women is so glamorous. They use a lot of rhinestones and flashy designs and I just love it. I have never seen an African American model featured in any Guess ads and I really hope to become the first!”

Coco’s Words Of Wisdom: “Be strong in who you are before you enter this business. You must have a healthy self image and not be willing to compromise your morals or integrity to get ahead.”
Coco’s Secrets Of Success: “Study the business, make good contacts, practice posing and walking, work out and eat right.”
Coco’s Favorite Three Books: “The Bible; The Secret; and, Becoming A Millionaire God's Way.”
Three Black Leaders That Have Most Inspired Coco: “Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Oprah.”
First Three Things Coco Would Do As President: “I really would like to become a United States Senator someday so the presidency might not be far off from a goal in the future. The first 3 things I would do is implement major educational reform in underprivileged poverty-stricken cities, provide free healthcare to all American citizens and clean up the homeless problem in our streets.”
Coco’s Favorite Entertainers: “My all time favorite artist is Sade, she is beautiful and writes the most amazing lyrics. Her songs are the music of my heart in many situations. My favorite song by her is Sweetest Taboo. Then I love the rapper Common. His lyrics are deep and he is just beautiful as well. I love a handsome man who thinks deep and aspires to educate and uplift the Black community. His lyrics never degrade women and I appreciate that so much.”
Coco’s Favorite websites: ",, , ."

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