Canadian Star Fights Hunger

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A talented singer is lending her skills to a food drive and musical performance in New York City next week. The June 7th event marks National Hunger Awareness Day.

Musician Angela McKenzie, a dedicated humanitarian has organized the food drive event and CD release party, “Voices for Hunger Awareness: Angela McKenzie & Friends,� beginning at 6:30 PM at Where Eagles Dare, the performance space at 347 West 36th Street in Manhattan.

"I love making music and music is important in its own way, but nothing can be as important as something that makes a difference in people's lives," McKenzie says.

"Using my music as a vehicle to help those in need is extremely rewarding." Don Bobb of United Nations Radio will emcee the evening of entertainment which will include a set by dub poet ANTON, pop-rocker Kendall Jane Meade of Mascott, and McKenzie who will perform songs from her debut CD, entitled 9, which is being officially released that night. McKenzie brings more than her smooth and soulful voice to the ten tracks of 9.

The stunning Canadian artist has created an album of impressive music that represents much more than just musical ambition; it conveys a deeper message in efforts to spread awareness of hunger and poverty.
This issue hits very close to home for McKenzie. After moving from Toronto to New York City in 1999 with a performing arts background and a mere three hundred dollars in her pocket, McKenzie was soon faced with hunger and poverty firsthand.

As she overcame her struggles, she began to advocate the battle against hunger and poverty through not only her music but also with the creation of The AMcK Initiative (AMcK). With its tagline "Food for the Body, Music for the Soul," AMcK raises awareness and resources for organizations which aid the hungry and impoverished.

AMcK's food drives have even won praise from New York City's Mayor Bloomberg. McKenzie's CD features songs written by Eve Nelson, Grammy winner Diane Scanlon and Indiegrrl coalition founder Holly Figueroa. It offers an intimate glimpse into McKenzie, who is as unconcerned with boundaries in music as she is in life.

Elements of quiet soul, smoky jazz, poetry, and even country music crop up in her performance. McKenzie describes 9 as "a gathering of musicians who share our beliefs and were willing to put their music into the project." Refreshments will be served at the event which has no cover charge.

Guests are asked to bring non-perishable foods for donation to City Harvest. City Harvest, a sponsor, is the largest America's Second Harvest affiliated food rescue organization.

Other sponsors include W.B. Mason, Street News, Sandwich Planet, CDM Sound Studios, Rock n' Roots Radio and The AMcK Initiative (the not-for-profit organization McKenzie founded to advocate the battle against hunger and poverty). Proceeds from album sales are being donated to America's Second Harvest, the nation's largest charitable domestic hunger-relief organization.

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