Cedar Walton: True Piano Master At Dizzy's

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[Black Star Music]

When the premier Jazz club in New York City features an artist for two consecutive extended appearances, it is a clear indication that the musician is a special talent. Such a person is Cedar Walton, jazz pianist extraordinaire.

Mr. Walton is undisputedly one of the most accomplished piano players in contemporary jazz. A veteran musician of international recognition and acclaim, Cedar Walton recently showcased his quartet consisting of Vincent Herring on alto and tenor sax, David "Happy" Williams on bass and Willie Wilson III on drums, at Dizzy’s Coca Cola Jazz club.  Needless to say, the music flowed like vintage wine.

With Central Park as its visual backdrop, Dizzy's Club Coca Cola is an absolutely ideal venue to enjoy great music, which the band certainly
delivered. With Mr.Walton, who literally tickles the piano keys, leading the way, the band worked their way through some standard compositions including an exotic arrangement of Stevie Wonder's "Shining star", which featured a scintillating solo by bassist "Happy Williams".

Mr.Williams, the Trinidad-born bassist has established himself as force on the Jazz scene by virtue of the fact that he has been Cedar Walton's bassist for the last several years. He certainly fires up the engine room of the band's rhythm section.

The saxist, Vincent Herring, delighted the audience with his sweet tones and harmonics especially on his solo ballad performance. Drummer, Willie Wilson, maintained a steady flow throughout the set with his intricate cadence and syncopation.

While Mr.Walton's sets at the club are relatively short, the music of this maestro and his band is so rich and fulfilling that audiences depart sated and satisfied. Cedar Walton's music will do it every time.

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