Cemotap Takes On NY Post And Limbaugh

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[New York News]

The existing confusion within the Republican Party was never more evident than now as its leaders line up behind Rush Limbaugh, a documented drug abuser, for leadership.

Limbaugh uses his television program, his bully pulpit, to rail against President Barack Obama’s administration. He has even stated publicly that he hopes President Obama fails. No Republican has stepped up to condemn his shocking statements, possibly because he expresses their sentiments as well.

CEMOTAP, Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to African People has monitored Limbaugh since 2003 when he was indicted for the illegal purchase and use of drugs. "After three years of dodging about, Limbaugh was finally hauled into court in 2006, booked on a single charge, posted only a $3000 bond and walked away free. Few Junkies are accorded such gentle treatment by the judicial system," said Betty Dopson, CEMOTAP co-chair. A conservative critic of Blacks, the poor and addicted, Limbaugh shocked the public when he was forced to admit that he was addicted to drugs and had been for many years. Although he was involved in long term criminal behavior, he was treated in the manner reserved for rich criminals, and received only a slap on the wrist.

Limbaugh lives in a $24 million mansion in an exclusive area of Palm Beach Florida, yet he had no qualms about involving his $370 a week maid in his illegal behavior. She became his supplier of Oxycontin, Morphine, hydrocodone and possibly heroin. "His maid," said Dopson "was said to have supplied him with 11,900 pills over six months in 2001." Some believe that Limbaugh’s wild ranting could result from the over use of dangerous narcotics.

The firestorm of outrage and resentment created by the racist cartoon featured in the New York Post on February 18th where white police kill an ape accompanied by the text "They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus package" has ignited a new movement to remove the New York Post from the lives of Blacks. "This will require a commitment from our community to never purchase the New York Post again," said Dopson. Rupert Murdoch, thought by many to be a robber baron, has indicated that he is willing to pump as much as $50 million annually into the unprofitable publication. He has turned the running of the hemorrhaging tabloid over to his son Lachland who is determined to make it into a profitable publication. Judging from the number of ads that appear in the NY Post, he has a huge task before him. "The NY post is already a crippled, irrelevant propaganda pump that will double its losses if Blacks stop buying it and advertisers pull their ads, hopefully from all News Corp publications. In February of this year News Corp reported losses of $6.4billion with $3billion being credited to the decline in value of it newspaper unit.

"This is clear indication that ridding the world of this racist rag is possible, Dopson continued. CEMOTAP will again adopt the slogan "We don’t need it We don’t read it." that helped to run the Post into bankruptcy decades ago. The Queens based media watch organization believes that it will work again.

A forum being held by CEMOTAP Center at 135-05 Rockaway Blvd South Ozone Park, on Saturday February 28th at 2:P.M featuring Booker T. Coleman, educator, Milton Allimadi, Publisher of Black Star News and Bob Law, broadcast journalist will expose the sordid history of Rush Limbaugh, the hypocritical posture of his employers and the cowardly behavior of the Republican party. The discussion will include forcing Limbaugh to rein in his rhetoric. Instructions for responding to the racist cartoon appearing in the New York Post will be given to the audience.

Call 718 322-8454 for additional information

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