City Honors Fred Buggs

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As the proclamation awarded to him at City Hall makes clear, Fred “Bugsy� Buggs needs no formal introduction. He’s had a remarkable 30-year career as a beloved radio personality and is admired greatly for his outstanding contributions to his community.

“Radio touches our lives, moves our hearts, creates our expressions, and sometimes guides us in what we do,� said Majority Whip Leroy Comrie as he brought the honoree forward. “Bugsy has touched literally millions of lives with his contributions both on-air and off, and I'm glad we're able to bring him down to the City Council to pay tribute him today.� Brooklyn born and Queens raised, from a young age Bugsy dreamed of becoming a broadcaster. He interned at the Woodside studios of WWRL, where he worked with Frankie Crocker and Jerry Bledsoe, exhibiting the focus, determination and intelligence that would eventually translate into an extraordinarily successful career.

Bugsy’s first gig as a radio personality is the stuff of legends. In 1975, while working as an engineer at WBLS, the station’s overnight broadcaster became ill. Frankie Crocker recommended Bugsy for the job, thus setting in motion one of the most illustrious careers in New York radio. After honing his skills at stations around the country, Bugsy returned to New York City radio where his rich baritone – often described as a “warm handshake� – was heard over the airwaves on WRKS, WBLS, and WQHT as he began to build an audience of devoted fans.

With all his success, Bugsy never forgot the importance of helping others. He continues to distinguish himself as a mentor to countless young people, providing them with the benefit of his wisdom, insights and vast professional experience. Both audiences and colleagues alike have been inspired by the quality of his work, as well as by his dedication and longevity in this highly competitive profession. Bugsy is glad to say that in all he's accomplished, he’s had the loving support of his wife Iris and daughter La-Tanya.

The City Council proclamation concludes, “Fred ‘Bugsy’ Buggs has truly enriched us, and it is with the deepest gratitude of this legislative body that we honor him today for his legacy of professional achievements in the broadcasting industry, and his outstanding contributions to the City of New York.� In accepted his award, Bugsy stated, “It has been a great 30 years. As you all know, when it comes to time, no one keeps up. You're so involved in doing what you do, and then you just look back and see what it was. I am very honored to be honored today by the City Council.�

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