Clarence Thomas Lives Up To His Name

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[Black Star News Editorial]

In 1998, the Southern African nation of Zambia wanted to make sure Dr. Kenneth Kaunda never ran for president again and challenged his citizenship, claiming his parents had been Malawian immigrants and that Kaunda never renounced his Malawi citizenship; a court ruled in the government's favor.

It was a phenomenally absurd ploy since Kaunda had been the man who led Zambia to independence from Britain in 1964 and was its first president and served until

We thought these preposterous shenanigans only happened in places like Zambia.


Today, the United States Supreme Court will decide whether to hear or not, an absurd case challenging President Elect Barack Obama's citizenship. It's a desperate ploy by Right Wing Republicans, and possibly those who yearn for the 1960s type segregation, under the guise of a concerned voter wanting the laws of the land to be observed.

Barack Obama is an American, a naturally born citizen, in Hawaii.

Come January 20, Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States and Right Wing Republicans and people harboring racist nostalgia will start coming to grips with it; it will be good for them, therapeutic and healing.

Sadly, it was the despicable "Justice" --he gives a bad intellectual odor to this term--Clarence Thomas who decided to even have this non-issue and non-case considered.

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