Clean Clothes, Dirty Windows

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[Fiction]--Tony saw Tamara out the corner of his eye. His reconciliation was going well. The trust between he and his wife, Pam was going well. Pam had even changed her mind about pregnancy and given him the one thing he’d always wanted. Her unwillingness to have his child is the thing that pushed him away to begin with.

Tony and Pam were trudging along comfortably for 3 years. Then the desire to be a father hit him. He shared that with Pam and expected excitement, but what he got was reservation.  Pam finally revealed that parenting wasn’t her thing. She didn’t desire to be a mother.  She liked kids—she didn’t love kids, it just wasn’t in her heart that way. Tony tried as best as he could to live with that. By year number 5 he met and began a relationship outside of their marriage. His plan was to survey the market and see how many other women didn’t want to be mothers. First dash-out the box he met Tamara. She was fun, loving, great company and beautiful. He took no other surveys. Tony fell in love.  Head over heels in love. 

Tamara’s softness and spirit assured him that she would be an excellent mother.  He was prepared to leave Pam and begin a life with Tamara when Tamara found out about Pam and opted out of the relationship. He’d done everything in his power to convince her that Pam could very easily be history. Tamara’s trust was gone and her morals were too intact to accept his reasoning so she ended things and left him completely alone. 

When he arrived home, heart-broken over his loss of Tamara and disgusted with Pam, she announced her pregnancy. He moved forward with Pam, but daily his minded shifted to Tamara. He subconsciously compared the two, daily. Only once did he try to reach Tamara and that attempt was unsuccessful, but today when he saw her his heart fluttered, skipped and rejoiced. He didn’t know how, but he was going to see her again, even the baby couldn’t dissolve his feelings for her. 

Tamara was sick with love. She couldn’t shake the image of Tony from her head. His wife was simply gorgeous. She was poised and serious, cold even, but she was his choice. Tamara shifted to Alicia where the emotion was different. I’m going to call her tonight and make sure she understands the ramification of her actions.  She thought. 

Brittany walked into Tiny’s Delicatessen and ordered a roast beef sandwich, plain chips and a root-beer float. She munched on a Snickers bar while waiting for Alicia. She couldn’t decide whether to tell her about the baby or wait.  This morning’s occurrences had spoiled her plans of a family gathering and announcement.  Alicia was as dear to her as Tamara and Steve so she decided to tell her at lunch and stop by Mom’s on her way home. That would leave no more stops. Mom will tell anyone else that needed to know. 

Alicia walked in and sat down. “Brit you gon’ eat all of that?” Alicia knew how insecure Steve was with Brit’s size before the baby. This was going to be a good weapon for her. Eat up you pig. You may get this baby, but you will still lose MY man with this appetite. Alicia smiled. “You must’ve missed breakfast?”

“No, I had something. I’m eating for the baby now.” Brit smiled, waiting on the excitement that should burst from Alicia. 
On cue Alicia screamed as if this was the first time she heard that Brit was pregnant. She jumped up and hugged Brit real tight around the neck. “Congratulations!” Alicia was saying when both women noticed Steve entering the door. 
“Steve! Over here!”  Brittany called out. 

Steve stopped in his tracks and swallowed hard. He pointed to the restroom and walked in that direction with a ghostly smile. When he returned Alicia was receiving a Caesar salad and a water with a slice of lemon.  He sat down nervously.
“Congratulations!  Brit just told me the news!”  Alicia leaned across the table and pecked his cheek.  She whispered in his ear, “we’ll talk later” and innocently took her seat.

Steve thanked her and looked at the beaming Brittany.  “Babe, Alicia wants to be the baby’s God-mother, isn’t that sweet.”…

Look for the next installment of author Patriece’s series in the next issue pf The Black Star News. Patriece is author of  When Somebody Loves You Back. ISBN# 0-9778096-0-9

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